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Clean Bandit Releases “Out at Night” Single Ft. KYLE and Big Boi (Lyrics Review)

Clean Bandit released the latest single off of his new 2018 album ‘What Is Love.’ The new single “Out at Night” features vocals by KYLE and Big Boi. The song is catchy, trappy and packed with some great vocals by the two artists.

“Out at Night” is the 7th track on the new album, which also features some massive hits such as “Solo” featuring Demi Lovato, “Symphony” featuring Zara Larsson and “Rockabye (YouTube)” featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie. However, this new single is the first collaboration between Clean Bandit and KYLE and Big Boi. Clean Bandit also has another collaboration on the same album with KYLE titled “Nowhere” featuring Rita Ora as well.

“Out at Night” speaks about a possible stripper girl and a possible drag queen. We get to hear two stories about two people-a woman and a man, who comes alive at night, after leading pretty ordinary lives during the day.

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As per the lyrics of the song, written by Jack Patterson, John Ryan, Julian Bunetta and Big Boi, we hear the story of a woman. She wakes up early, goes to a normal 8 to 5 job, keeps to herself and does not socialize much. She comes home and takes off her work clothes and waits. Next, this woman gets dressed and walks out her apartment as the dusk settles and she is a whole other person then. Where is she off to? The song does not leave much clues for this question. However, based on how her persona was built up, we can predict that she could be a stripper or a prostitute.

We also hear another story of a man similar to that of the woman. He is in college trying to graduate-wears spectacles-pretty normal looking guy. However, he gets home and wears eyeliner before going out. This makes us wonder if he is a drag queen. But, it could be anything.

Out there in the dark, both of these people turn into an entirely different persona. They come to life at night.

We would love to hear your two cents about “Out at Night” and what you make of these two mysterious people. Jot down your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to share this article with your friends as well.

Clean Bandit’s new album ‘What Is Love’ is expected to release on November 30, 2018. Make sure to grab your copy.

Complete Lyrics to “Out at Night” by Clean Bandit

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