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Big Sean Releases “Used To” Which Appears on Drake’s Latest Album

Big Sean has released a new piece of music. It’s being called a freestyle and a verse. I’m not quite certain which is true, but I would bet on it being a mere verse than a freestyle. “Used To” isn’t Big Sean’s music. It belongs to Drake on his surprise album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, which was released yesterday. We are not even sure why it was released by Big Sean. But we are glad he did, because he totally kills it!

Listen to Big Sean’s Version of “Used To”

The original track is from Drake’s latest album and features voice of Lil Wayne. However, this is Big Sean’s rendition of “Used To” and it sound pretty amazing.

The original version of Drake is available on iTunes.

Listen to the Original “Used To” Track by Drake

It’s hard to decide who performed this specific verse the best. Let’s call it a tie and leave it at that. But if you have an opinion about it, we would love to hear it. Leave a comment about your thoughts on this track.

Oh, also, since this specific verse has been taken from Drake’s track, this definitely cannot be a freestyle by Big Sean. So the linked website (above) had got it wrong.

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