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Mike Posner Pours Out His Soul in “Noah’s Ark” Single (Song Meaning)

Mike Posner is no stranger to pouring his soul out into his music. His biggest breakthrough hit was “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” from 2015, in which he talks about his attempts to be cool by abusing drugs and booze. The song was a major success around the world. According to RIAA, the song is Platinum certified for sales over a million units. The song also reached #1 on UK single chart ad #4 on Billboard Hot 100. The new single titled “Noah’s Ark” takes a similar tune to the former hit, but also with a future outlook.

“Noah’s Ark,” appearing on Mike’s 4th studio album ‘A Real Good Kid,’ contains only one verse, accompanied by a 2x chorus. However, that one verse, running up to 3 minutes, is all it takes for Posner to lay out his innermost feelings about life and love. This single follows another heartfelt confessional in 2019 titled “Move On.”

“Noah’s Ark” talks about Mike Posner’s past, present and future. The 30-year-old rapper talks about his stellar educational background with 3.5 GPA in Duke University. He talks about his three studio albums ’31 Minutes to Takeoff’ (2010), ‘At Night, Alone’ (2016) and ‘Mansionz‘ (2017). The first two albums broke into top 20 albums in the USA in respective years.

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He credits his hiatus in music in 2018 to a bad breakup. We are not given much details on this regard. But the words he believe in are “growth over consistency.” Hence, we can assume that he will not stick to a routine album release, but rather, a gut feeling of a better album.

Mike Posner looks back at his childhood when he was a scrawny little jewish kid, not making many friends. The life he lives now is something he has dreamt on since he was a child. He had had enough motivations to push him to become what he is today. He is a brand. He might be an off-brand. But that makes him a brand on his own.

The current Mike Posner is a drug-free Posner. He has said ‘no’ to drugs and he has a clear vision ahead. He has dropped his bling and has started soul-searching for inspiration for his music.

Towards the latter bit of “Noah’s Ark,” Mike Posner confesses that he has turned towards yoga and meditation-a predominantly a Buddhist practise on self-control. Mike refers to a yoga pose named ‘Shavansana‘ with which he is able to stretch his mind to new possibilities-in music and possibly life.

The rapper also shouts out his own album ‘A Real Good Kid’ releasing on January 18, 2019 in these lyrics.

What are your thoughts on this new song by Mike Posner? Has he changed gears for good? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

Complete Lyrics to “Noah’s Ark” by Mike Posner

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