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Ariana Grande Reveals Her Favorite Things in “7 Rings” Single and Video (Review)

After teasing the upcoming music several days back, Ariana Grande has kept her word and released the newest single and music video from her upcoming 5th studio album. “7 Rings” has a wonderful backstory, which we covered in a previous article. What we could not guarantee was the 7 ring bearers. Fortuntaly, we have that information as well.

The 7-girl squad in “7 Rings” story are; Victoria Monet, Courtney Chipolone, Tayla Parx, Alexa Luria, Njomza, Kaydence and Ariana Grande herself.

The brand new music video takes place in a pink-coated house that hosts an all-girl-party. Even Ari is dressed in hot-pink latex, and covered in bling. The song is all about her wealth that allows her to ‘own’ anything she can buy. Afterall, this song is based on an incident where Ariana Grande bough 7 diamond engagement rings from Tiffany & Co., for her ‘six bithces’ and herself.

“7 Rings” follows Ariana Grande’s breakup hit from 2018 “thank u, next” inspired by her failed romances with Pete Davidson and late rapper Mac Miller. The next single that followed was “imagine,” singing about Ari’s construct of what a perfect relationship would be.

Watch “7 Rings” Music Video by Ariana Grande

You can download the new single on iTunes and Amazon.

Below is a picture posted by Victoria Monet of the diamond engagement ring bought by Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande goes on to overdrive to talk about how she flashes around her money in the new single “7 Rings.” She talks about not having to decide what to pick when she shops; she just buys all of them. She also equated ‘happiness’ to buying a new pari of ‘red bottoms’ AKA Louis Vouitton shoes.

After the rough 2018 she had, Ariana seems to be done with guys and marriages. She says she is wearing an engagement ring but she is no ‘mrs.’ She also owns ‘his’ and ‘her’ side of everything since she is single and since she can afford it.

Ari tells us that she uses a Black Amex card. These cards are issued to people who earn over $1,000,000 per year. Hence, almost exclusively celebrities and business and spots tycoons fall into this category. Ari says the Black Amex card is her business card, which means she uses it often.

Ariana also nods to late great The Notorious BIG by referencing his 1994 song “Gimme the Loot,” in “7 Rings.” In the next line she references Tupac’s movie ‘Juice‘ (1992).

Ariana Grande’s new song and visual “7 Rings” is filled with action. There is a lot of dance moves, twerking, grinding and partying up. Let us know what you think about this song and the video in the comments below.

Complete Lyrics to “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande

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