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Louis Tomlinson Teases “Two Of Us” Single and World Map to Uncover News and Pieces of Music Video

Louis Tomlinson’s upcoming “Two Of Us” single has created more buzz than any song we have seen in 2019 so far. The fan base is literally in gitters as the pop star keeps on teasing the single.

Today, Louis Tomlinson took to social media to announce the upcoming single “Two Of Us.” He revealed the release date of the single as Thursday, March 7, 2019. He also premiered a cover art for the single.

On top of this, Louis also found an impressive way of engaging his fans even more towards this single and music video release.

“I’ve hidden some video clips in hotspots around the world. All I need you to do is find them & then you’ll be the first to hear more about my new track. Share what you find using #TwoOfUs & try to piece it together! View the map to find your nearest one.”

This live map shows global hotspots where you can uncover bits and pieces of the “Two Of Us” music video. You can use this link on your mobile device to activate this world map. If there are any hotspots near you, the map will indicate it with a pin mark, which you can click and view a new piece of information about the single or a sneak peak of the music video.

So far, fans around the world have been uncovering bits and pieces of information and music video from different global hotspots. Check out some of the cool findings below.

Warsaw, Poland
Melbourne, Australia

In this specific video clip, Louis seems to be giving an interview about the single. “It’s very important to me for me to make my lyrics relatable,” says Louis. “I want people to be able to feel stuff.”

El Retiro, Spain
South Korea
Milan, Italy
Brisbane, Australia and Bangalore, India
Manila, Philippenes

Some fans went to extreme lengths to find a “Two Of Us” hostpot. Like this one fan who walked over an hour to find a snippet. #worthit

“I wasn’t really ready to write this song,” confesses Louis Tomlinson about his upcoming “Two Of Us” single. “But I knew that I needed to write it. It’s a lot of responsibility in writing a song like this.”

Louis Tomlinson also talked about his upcoming debut studio album in a pin from Moscow, Russia. He dedicates this album to his “loyal” fan base who have been waiting patiently for LT1 album for so long. Watch the clip below.


According to the Twitterverse, over 3,500 fans have already discovered global hotspots of “Two Of Us” all over the world. Check out the collage of findings below.

Is this genius promotion or what?

Have you found any hotspots around you? Leave a comment below and drop a link to your video. We will feature it.

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