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Gladys Knight Serenades Super Bowl LIII with US National Anthem Performance: Watch

Gladys Knight was given the opportunity to perform the US national anthem at the 2019 Super Bowl LIII opening act, and she certainly delivered. Hers was possibly the only performance from the game night which did not spark controversies. Mercedez-Benz Stadium botched with SpongeBob tribute, and so were Maroon 5 and Travis Scott dragged into the same abyss.

Gladys Knight is 74-years-old this year, and an Atlanta native, where the 2019 Super Bowl between New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams was held. We would like to re-iterate the words by the announcer who introduced Gladys Knight to the stadium;

“To honour America, and to perform our national anthem, please welcome home 8 time Grammy winner, Rock n Roll hall-of-famer, the empress of Soul-Gladys Knight.”

Gladys Knight was most active during 60’s through 80’s within which she produced two Billboard Hot 100 hits–“Midnight Train to Georgia” and “That’s What Friends Are For.” She has also had 6 #1 R&B albums in her career. Knight has also appeared in many maintream movie productions such as ‘Desperado’ (1987), ‘Hollywood Homicide’ (2001), ‘Seasons of Love’ (2014) and more. She is also the author of two autobiographies.

Gladys Knight took the center-filed at Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta last night to deliver a serenading and powerful performance of the United States national anthem. She gleamed as a ray of light, dressed in all white, in the darkness of the background. Watch her live performance below.

Before Gladys Knight, artists such as Pink (2018), Luke Bryan (2017), Lady Gaga (2016), Idina Menzel (2015), Christina Aguilera (2011), Jennifer Hudson (2009), Beyonce (2004), Backstreet Boys (2001) and more have performed at this annual iconic event.

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