schoolboy q crash lyrics review and song meaning

Schoolboy Q – CrasH (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“CrasH” is the 12th track on Schoolboy Q’s brand new fourth studio album ‘Crash Talk’ released on April 26, 2019. It is also the third and final single before the release of the album.

Schoolboy Q managed to stir up some serious buzz around the release of his fourth studio album with the release of the two previous singles “Numb Numb Juice” and “CHopstix” on March 13 and April 1st respectively. This album follows Q’s previous ‘Blank Face LP’ from 2016. Two days before the release of the new album, Q released the third single “CrasH” produced by Boi-1da.

Beneath the smooth flow and melody of “CrasH,” Schoolboy Q raps about the difficulties of life he, too, faces despite being a superstar in rap and hip-hop.

Schoolboy Q, Boi-1da and special guest Kendrick Lamar assisted in composing the lyrics of this track, and Kendrick took to Twitter to congratulate Q on the new album as well.

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “CrasH”


Schoolboy Q talks about his obligations towards his family in the chorus of this hit single. He believes that the rap game is a struggle and everything is cut-throat. But he has to grind and fight to make ends meet so that his family, especially his 10-year-old daughter–Joy Hanley, can have a comfortable life.

Verse 1

The first verse of “CrasH” starts off with a wish. Q wishes that his former affiliates of the gang named ‘Crips’ were set free from prison. Although he is making a decent living off of the rap game, he cannot help but feel for his brothers who are locked up. ‘Loc’ is a street name for the members of ‘Crips.’

He also talks that his music is inspired by his real life that he needs no scripts. This is possibly what he means when he raps “sold my soul to my feelings” in the same verse.

Q also speaks about the mansion he bought for $3 million in Calabasas, as a tribute to her daughter.

Chorus 2

In addition to the lyrics from the beginning chorus, Q also raps about how he is above the competition but isn’t afraid to crash head-on if need be. He says that he will spearhead in the rap game until he crashes. And as per Schoolboy Q, two reasons that could make him crash are ‘his sick thoughts’ and ‘no common sense.’

‘1942’ is a reference to the luxury tequila brand Don Julio 1942 Tequila.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “CrasH,” Schoolboy Q talks about his journey so far. He tried to become an honest man through schooling, only to learn that schools were doing no good to anyone. He dropped out and became part of the Crips. He would have hoped to make an honest living, but ended up robbing and stealing houses. Due to some calling, he spun off towards a rap career, and it worked out. Now he is on a fresh path, doing his part to spread some knowledge about society.

In the next lyrics, Q talks how he is unthreatened by this new school of ‘lil’ rappers. He says that their actions wreak of desperation on social media.

In the last lines of the second verse, Schoolboy Q drops some serious insights aimed at his daughter. He teaches her daughter to be proud of her skin colour, be proud of her nappy hair, and be proud to be a part of a culture that came a long way, and her father is living proof of that.

‘Impressive’ would be an ideal one word to describe “CrasH” by Schoolboy Q. We would love to hear your opinion on the song and what it means to you. Leave a comment below and share this article with your friends.

Complete Lyrics to “CrasH” by Schoolboy Q

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