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Luke Comb’s New Single and Video “Beer Never Broke My Heart” is Country Rock (Lyrics Review)

Let’s face it! We all have had our hearts broken at some point in life by someone! But has ever a beer let you down? Most likely never!

Luke Combs premiered his latest single “Beer Never Broke My Heart” accompanies with a brand new music video. Released on May 8, 2019, the song is tagged as ‘Country’ genre, but it feels more like a Country-Rock fusion. The song could be a part of Luke Comb’s highly anticipated second studio album.

Releasing the single, Luke Combs took to Twitter to tell the fans that there is more new music coming out soon.

In “Beer Never Broke My Heart” lyrics, Luke Combs explains what has broken his heart so far; fishing accident, couple of beautiful girls leaving him, his truck breaking down, pet dogs running away, being lies by politicians and being fired in jobs. In all these cases, something that has been a constant grievance handler has been ‘beer.’ So it is only right to give the necessary props to ‘beer’ that music industry has failed to do thus far!

Watch the music video for “Beer Never Broke My Heart” by Luke Combs

Luke Combs Tweeted that the music video includes a few cameos by his fan club members. See if you can spot them.

More on the disappointment fronts; liking diamond rings, which is a metaphor for marriage, has always been a let down for Luke Combs so far. Your favourite football team does not win all the time. These experiences sting a bit and the perfect numb-numb juice is beer.

In the second verse of “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” Luke Combs gets into specifics about one lady. A girl from Carolina in her picturesque blue jeans, and fire in her eyes had Combs on the edge. But she left town, and Luke had no way to comprehend what happened. Why comprehend, when you can forget? You turn to another ice-cold beer.

This could be the new big anthem for ailing breakups and football losses! What do you think? Drop a comment below.

Complete lyrics below.

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