Taylor Swift 1989

Taylor Swift Teases Fans with Six 1989 Lyrics Lines

Taylor Swift is the queen of teasing when it comes to new tracks of her new albums. Taylor did the same thing with her previous RED album, and now she is teasing her fans with ‘1989’ lyrics. Why do I call this a tease? Because she is releasing one lyric per day, and the lyrics are not complete either. It is merely one sentence from each track. Also she doesn’t even name the songs-they all come as ‘track 01, track 02’ and so on… sigh… Up until now she has released 6 pictures of her handwritten 1989 lyrics lines. Check them out…

1989 lyrics
Track 01
Taylor Swift 1989 lyrics
Track 02
Taylor Swift 1989 lyrics
Track 03
Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics
Bonus track
Taylor Swift 1989 lyrics
Track 04: Out of The Woods
Taylor Swift 1989 lyrics
Track 05

 So these are the six lyric lines that have been released so far. There will be more releases each day counting up to the date of the release of 1989 album.

Out of the released lyrics we can officially recognize only one track, which is “Out of The Woods” that released a couple of days ago. Those lyrics are carved in every Swifty’s mind by now.

However, earlier today there was an alleged leak of the 1989 track listing. Nobody has confirmed the legitimacy of the track list so far. But some lines can be drawn between the leaked tracks and the released lyrics. The picture on Track 01 shows a set of buildings, which is most definitely the New York skyline. So the leaked song name “Welcome to New York” would be appropriate. The Track 05 lyrics say “You were all I wanted… But not like this”. The leaked track name is “All You Had to Do Was Stay”, which seems quite matching. I’m not trying to say the leaked track list is 100% genuine, but it sure does seem so. Also two more track names were confirmed by Taylor today at the 2Day FM Breakfast interviewThe confirmed track names are “Welcome to new York City” and “Bad Blood” , where both names are on the leaked list.

Anyway there will be more 1989 lyrics releases in the days to come. There is 10 days left for the album to release and there are 10 more songs left to be revealed. So I think Taylor has planned this perfectly.