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Why Don’t We – Chills | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Why Don’t We band continues with their promise to release a new song in each month for the entirety of the year 2019. The latest addition and the 12th track to their upcoming album project is titled “Chills.”

So far, in the year 2019, the band Why Don’t We had released eleven songs. These songs will most likely be a part of their second album. Below are the releases in chronological order,

  1. Big Plans
  2. Cold In LA
  3. I Don’t Belong in This Club
  4. Don’t Change
  5. Unbelievable
  6. Come To Brazil
  7. I Still Do
  8. What Am I
  9. What Am I (Live and Unplugged)
  10. Mad At You
  11. With You This Christmas
  12. Chills

The December release talks about the feelings one gets being in relationship with the ONE. The singers explain that every little thing she does, even mundane tasks such as talking, walking, the touch etc, gives them chills down the spine.

Listen to “Chills” by Why Don’t We

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Chills”

The song is not only about the feelings of sparks when you are with your perfect match. The song’s theme also binds with the cold December nights for enhanced background support.

Verse 1

Corbyn Besson of Why Don’t We, sets the thematic background for the lyrics that are about to drop. He paints a picture of a lonesome man sitting at the fireplace, shivering, and downtrodden.


Jack Avery laments on his love. The love that will finally set afire to his heart and chase away this coldness in his heart as well as surrounding him in nature. Her looks make him realize that she is the one he has been waiting for all his life.


Zach Herron of Why Don’t We group lays out all the ways that this girl is able to send chills down his spine. Walking, talking, calling his name and her touch make his whole body shiver–in a good way. Her love still surprises him and shocks him.

Verse 2

Daniel Seavey joins the vocals to remind us that when they cuddle each other in bed, wrapped under a blanket, with the cold December winds knocking at the window, there is heaven on Earth. She is the Kryptonite to the cold and gloom that surrounds the singer.

Verse 3

Jonah Marais and Daniel Seavey come on record for the final verse of “Chills.” In these lyrics, they explain how this girl has become a quintessential part of their lives. He feels on top of the world with her. He feels as if royalty with her. There is no force that could be strong enough to separate their bond, not even distance. Long live the prince and princess!

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