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JACKBOYS & Sheck Wes – GANG GANG | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

‘Jack Boys’ is the first compilation album between Cactus Jack Records members Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Sheck Wes, Octavian, and Chase B. About two months back Travis Scott hinted that such an album is in the making and the hype has not died down since. Let us take you through the lyrics and song meaning of the third track of the album “GANG GANG” featuring Sheck Wes.

“GANG GANG” features Cactus Jack crew members Sheck Wes, Luxury Tax, Don Toliver with Travis Scott. It is the third track of the 7-track album. The album also features a remix of Travis Scott’s hit single “Highest In the Room” featuring Lil Baby and ROSALIA.

The song extends into 4 verses that boast about each artists’ gang affiliations and riches they make. Listen to the song below.

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Verse 1: Sheck Wes & Travis Scott

These rappers talk about their gang affiliations, a likely reference to their Cactus Jack record crew. And they both say that with this gang, they are never going to lose.

Verse 2: Travis Scott and Sheck Wes

Travis Scott comes on to the mic now. He says that JACKBOYS are here to win the strides of war in music and anybody who failed to join them by now, are just too late. He calls this crew his ‘tribe.’

Chorus: Don Toliver, Sheck Wes & Travis Scott

In these lyrics, the singers boast about their money-making skills with regards to putting out new music. But they also confess that no matter how much they earn, they still try to be as modest as possible and give back to charity as well.

Verse 3: Sheck Wes and Travis Scott

In the third verse of ‘GANG GANG,’ Sheck Wes and Travis Scott reunite to boast about their wealth. Travis pays homage to his collaborator, late music icon DJ Screw from Houston. He also talks about how he came out of nothing and rose to the zenith in the music game, with help from artists such as DJ Screw and JACKBOYS.

Verse4: Luxury Tax and Don Toliver

These rappers also join Sheck Wes and Travis Scott to drop bars on a similar tone. They talk about their money, luxury cars, women by the twos and expensive bottles of liquor. All-in-all, the entire song represents a good time.

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