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blackbear – hot girl bummer (Stream, Lyrics & Meaning)

Mat Muso, better known by his stage name blackbear has given us yet another BOP that we can listen to all day for a week and get sick of it for a few days and get back on it. “hot girl bummer” is blackbear’s take on #hotgirlsummer trend on social media. Let us explore the meaning behind the lyrics and the music video.

“hot girl bummer” is blackbear’s highly anticipated first single after his last project ‘ANONYMOUS’ in April 2019. The new album of this track is yet to be revealed. blackbear initially released a ‘low budget’ music video showing the singer performing at a live concert. However, on November 22, 2019, a ‘big budget’ music video was released via Vevo.

“hot girl bummer” received some backslash from Megan Thee Stallion’s fans on the allegations that blackbear copied Megan’s track “Hot Girl Summer.” However, blackbear had teased the song in July this year, where “Hot Girl Summer” released in August 2019.

blackbear spoke about the inspiration behind his hit single with Genius; “So I was on Instagram and I don’t know who made it up really, but I just kept seeing, all summer I kept seeing this hot girl summer thing and I was like, “okay, I got it, you know, whatever.” But for me, I’m more an introvert and I wasn’t having a hot girl summer, personally. I was having a hot girl bummer, so I wanted to make a song just for the people that weren’t really out there posing in their bikinis and not really out there so much, you know?”

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The intro of the song is a BIG FU to the whole world. Commenting on Genius lyrics, blackbear said that “It’s almost my relationship with society in a way.” It is natural to hate friends of friends that we mingle with. This is most visible in relationships. There might be friends of the guy, whom the girl hates. blackbear says that he does not care because he hates her friends as well. So he saying that he is through all this drama and he wants to isolate himself.

In the first verse of the song, blackbear had drawn inspiration from real-life events when he sings “This that throw up in your Birkin bag.” blackbear explained that his girlfriend had a friend who actually went through this. However, instead of a Birkin bag, it was a Fendi bag, which is quite expensive.

Next, he talks about the hookup culture that has infested the youth today. Social media has been the main supporting platform for this culture–from Instagram to Facebook to Tinder to Snapchat and the list goes on. ‘Biting lips’ is a way of posing for a sultry picture. These pictures of females tend to attract the most amount of likes, shares, comments and generally overall attention on social media. On Thursday nights she forgets that she already has a man. It is the hookup culture!

“All my friends are all annoying and dumb” is a common phrase said too many times when people are intoxicated. This remark is not literal, and it’s superficial. But they are your clique and the same people with whom you create havoc and have fun! blackbear also commented that ‘college dropout’ music is not a reference the debut studio album ‘The College Dropout’ by rapper Kanye West. Instead, it is a reflection on himself. He added that he did drop out of college and it was not so bad after all. He is now a successful musician with a #45 ranked track on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“One more line, I’m superhuman” lyric is a clever double-entendre. This is the last line of the pre-chorus of the song. The singer suggests that one more lyric line of the song and he is super famous, which did actually happen with this track. On another perspective, this line has a clear reference to doing drugs. One more line inhaled and he will start feeling as if a superhuman.

What do you think “hot girl bummer” by blackbear means? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the complete lyrics, song meaning and verified comments by blackbear himself on this track on Genius.

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