nipsey hussle shot dead

Ice Cube, Rihanna, Diddy and More React to Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead in LA

Ermias Davidson Asghedom AKA Nipsey Hussle on stage was shot dead today (March 31) in Los Angeles.

Sources report that the American rapper and songwriter was shot 6 times infront of his clothing store, Marathon Clothing Company, in Los Angeles today. The rapper and two of his acquaintances were targetted in this attack by a gunman who walked towards the rapper, opened fire and fled in a nearby car, driven by an accomplice. As of now, the shooter is yet to be identified.

The music community was left in shock and disgust at this cruelty unfolded in broad daylight and most celebrities voiced their opinions and condolences to Nipsey and his family. The hashtags #RIPNipseyHussle and #NipseyHussleForever started trending immediately on Twitter worldwide.

Why Nipsey Hussle was more than an artist–but a visionary…

In this video below, we hear Nipsey explaining about ‘energy’ that surrounds and binds us. He talks about how the energy we extert on this world is what you will ultimately get in return.

When you just live in this cycle of negative energy all day and put out negative energy, and it’s gonna return to you in different forms. So I would say, master your energy. Do your best to master your energy and what you put out. Unless that’s what you wanna create. You are entitled to create whatever you want for yourself.

Nipsey Hussle

Just today morning, hours before the horrific assault, Nipsey Hussle took to Twitter to send out a message about his enemies in the most positive way possible. Talk about keeping to his words about putting out positive energy!

Re-live his memory with “Victory Lap” track from his Grammy nominated album ‘Victory Lap‘ released in February 2018.

Nipsey was 33-years-old at the time of passing.

Rest In Peace, Nipsey Hussle!

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