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Halsey – Finally // beautiful stranger (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

On her ‘Road to Manic,’ Halsey premiered a brand new song and music video from her upcoming album. Just days after announcing the complete tracklist of her upcoming album ‘Manic,’ Halsey returns with a soulful song about the strangers that come and go in our lives. Let us explore the meaning behind “Finally // beautiful stranger” lyrics.

Halsey has already released three singles off of her upcoming ‘Manic’ album due on January 17, 2020. “Without Me,” “Graveyard,” and “Clementine” all saw significant success commercially and critically. Her new single “Finally // beautiful stranger” is nothing like its predecessors.

This track is a slow melody, out of character for the usual energetic and crazy Halsey, singing about her lover. It elaborates how this person came into her life and in the end became a stranger who walked out of her life. The music video released show Halsey performing the song in two different setups. One, in a dimly lit and closed down the cafe, and the second, in a grand stage with a massive audience. In the former setup, Halsey is seen wearing baggy and dull clothes, whereas in the second setup she is glowing in colourful dresses and glittery makeup. The two setups signify the difference of the impact her lover has on her life.

Watch Halsey Perform “Finally // beautiful stranger” Music Video

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Verse 1

The first verse is of Halsey crushing on her lover; quite possibly a memory off of her relationship with her boyfriend YUNGBLUD. They collaborated on YUNGBLUD’s track “11 Minutes” in 2018. She talks about falling hard for his crystal green eyes, his Mick Jagger dance moves, sweet lips and his velvet voice. She wants to meet him in private, but her apartment is already crowded. Halsey wishes he would ask her out somewhere private so she can dive deep in everything she adores about him.


In these lyrics, Halsey sings about dancing with her lover in her living room. She enjoys this moment so much and at the same time quite terrified that it will all become a memory. So she plays it cool by muttering that she is only ‘playing’ with him.


Halsey decides to call this boy a ‘beautiful stranger’ so that when it inevitably comes for the fallout, it will only hurt less. Her experience with ‘beautiful strangers’ is that they only come into her life temporarily, they all leave eventually. But when she is slow dancing with this one, in her living room, she has a slimmer of hope that this boy will not be a stranger.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “Finally // beautiful stranger,” Halsey details a few romantic getaways with her boyfriend of late. Rides around the city, singing in the street, play air guitar, heavy makeout sessions, and overall happy memories are what taunts her head. As much as she would like to think that this guy will become a stranger as well, she also wants to have hope that he will be the exception. At least, Halsey wants him to be the exception.

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