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Gorillaz – Momentary Bliss Ft. slowthai & Slaves | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Gorillaz team up with the punk duo slowthai and UK rapper Slaves for a new club banger titled “Momentary Bliss.” This is the first collaboration between the three artists. The three-part song was released with a music video showing the artists making the song in a garage studio. Let us review the lyrics and the meaning of the song.

“Momentary Bliss” is a single off of Gorillaz’s ongoing album ‘Song Machine.’ Previously we heard the theme tracks of the album. This new single marks the first episode of the album titled ‘Song Machine, Ep. 1’ extended play. The band members hinted at a 13-episode season for this upcoming album.

As the song title suggests, the lyrics talk about life and all its intricacies mixed in a funky tune. There is also a mention of one ‘Rita,’ whom the band explains as “It’s a lovely name to sing… I sort of think it’s about instant gratification, that doesn’t last. And there’s lots of that around today,” with BBC Radio 1.

Watch the Music Video for “Momentary Bliss” by Gorillaz

Part I


Isaac Holman of Slaves kicks off the song underlining the theme of the song.

He sings about being separated by ’emotional fences’ that we are stuck with the idea of ‘momentary bliss.’ This makes us forget the big picture–the permanent bliss of life. He says that people could so much better than what their minute and repetitive lives have become. But they are happy for that moment without thinking of a long term.

Part II

Verse 1

The first verse of the song is performed by slowthai. The artist go in some details about some constructs of the modern world and society.

Often times, in society, there are people with so much potential but they lack a platform to showcase their talents. They are not referenced by anyone and they do not carry paper qualifications. This makes them be held back from utilizing their potential. And the people who think they are so f*cking special have so many credentials, and they are full of it. And between these two groups of people, forms a society, which slowthai calls the ‘truth’ or the reality.

The ‘golden arches’ is a reference to the McDonalds logo which has a yellow letter M. Parting the sea is a Biblical reference to Moses. The line intends that modern society values materialism over spirituality.

In the last lines of the verse, slowthai breakdowns the nature of the world in comparison to rare minerals on Earth. Life is not always good and beautiful and precious. But if you keep working at your goals, you will end up with even better riches. The last line is a double entendre, also speaking about the ‘metal’ music genre and ‘platinum’ award for sales of a song over 1,000,000 units.


slowthai yet again sheds his discontent with modern society. All this society urges for is a personal improvement. There is no regard for others, nature and consequences. slowthai uses a light bulb as a metaphor for Millenials. They don’t illuminate like a bulb is supposed to do. They just spark a few times and wither (die) away.


Why is the modern world like this? Maybe everybody is so busy to ‘pay the bills.’ The world has become extremely money-centric and humans are enslaved in the concept.

Verse 2

2D performs the second verse of the track. He talks about a few quirks in society as well. ‘Change your face’ could mean getting plastic surgeries to literally change the contour of one’s face. Or it could also mean to apply makeup and get a whole different outlook to one’s face. Either of these indicates that you are not happy with how you look, and things get harder and harder when you get older.

Let us hear what you think about this song and what this song means to you in the comments below.

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