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Meek Mill – Believe Ft. Justin Timberlake | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Amidst some raging feud between Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj, new music came out from both parties for the first time in 2020. Nicki Minaj released “Yikes” taking shots at ex-boyfriend Meek Mill and Meek Mill released an inspirational duet titled “Believe” with Justin Timberlake. Is there mention of Nicki Minaj on this track? Let’s take a look at the lyrics and song meaning.

Releasing “Believe,” Meek Mill shared that this song is “for motivational purposes only!” The song is also not part of an album as of yet. On the same day of the single release, an accompanying music video was also released featuring both the artists.

On this track, Meek Mill shares some motivational words on how believing in yourself is the first step towards success. He shares how he went from zero in his bank account to making a $100 million a year. At the age of 32 (2020), Meek Mill is estimated at a net worth of $15 million.

Watch “Believe” Music Video by Meek Mill & Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake performs a serenading chorus on this track. In these lyrics, he talks about how no matter how many times you get put down in the dirt, you have to keep getting up. Always believe in yourself and take charge of your own life. This will guide you to your personal salvation.

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Meek Mill seems to be talking about his controversial prison sentence for gun and drug law violations. The rapper questions how a person is supposed to make it in the world, being locked in a prison. Learning from his mistakes, he encourages everyone to follow their dreams and not addictions.

Meek Mill shares some personal notes from his childhood in this track. He talks about how he was a “welfare baby” and had to depend on whatever welfare grant his family was given. But this did not stop him from going to school every day–“perfect attendance.” After school, he had to wash dishes to earn a buck to survive, and he did that until he made it big.

Meek Mill also says that he did not get any presents during Christmas, but he surely was gifted with a loving family, his will and his skill.

The rapper switches to the present tense to elaborate his life now. Twenty million dollars in his bank account and a house upon a hill. His family is in the driveway grilling food. He says never forget your faith when you finally have it all.

Verse 2

On the second verse, Meek Mill shares a few more inspirational words. He realizes that life is a game of chess and not checkers. Chess is a very complicated board game compared to Checkers, although played on the same board. You have to play the game of life smart, you have to use your pawns (smallest value piece in the game) and handle the show like the king (highest value piece in the game).

Meek Mill also shouts out to the movie ‘Heat‘ (1995) with a lead role played by Robert De Niro.

Finally, Meek Mill says that with this song he is putting out energy so anyone who is in need of it can grab it and use it. There is no one there to help you succeed in this life, except yourself. So when everyone looks to have given up on you, that is when you have to believe in yourself the most.

Meek Mill had a vision of earning a $100 million a year and he reached it.

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