miranda lambert little red wagon music video

Miranda Lambert Releases “Little Red Wagon” Music Video

Miranda Lambert covered “Little Red Wagon” on her fifth studio album ‘Platinum’ which was released back in 2014. We are glad she did. Because we get to witness a sexy side of Miranda Lambert in the “Little Red Wagon” music video. Dressed in a red gown, red and gold shades, and huge earrings, and again in a red bikini by the pool-side checking out hot pool boys, this is Miranda Lambert in her sassiest forms.

Watch Miranda Lambert Hot and Sexy in “Little Red Wagon” Music Video

“Little Red Wagon” is a song written by Audra Mae–a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma. Miranda Lambert has been obsessed with the song from the very first moment she heard it, and basically tracked down Audra Mae to request permission from her to cover the song on Miranda’s ‘Platinum’ album. And she very happily agreed and even sang in the background of the album version.

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“It’s really cool. Just the vibe out here is sort of a perfect setting for this song in particular.” – Miranda Lambert when asked about recording the music video

Miranda Lambert looks gorgeous in the “Little Red Wagon” music video. The song, singing and visuals are perfect. Leave a comment if you think the music video was hot.

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