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PARTYNEXTDOOR – Loyal Ft. Drake (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Partynextdoor returns to music after a long hiatus since his last EP project in 2017. The rapper did hint that there will be something special happening this Friday on his Instagram. So, the fans speculated that it is most likely about new music coming out. But little did we know that there were two tracks released; namely “The News” and “Loyal.”

“Loyal” and “The News” are part of Partynextdoor’s upcoming fourth album project titled ‘Club Atlantis,’ expected to release in December 2019. This new project follows Partynextdoor’s 2017 album ‘Colours 2’ and EP ‘Seven Days.’

What fans expected the last was that the second single “Loyal” would be a collaboration with his label owner Drake himself. The song talks about their love towards their significant others and discusses their loyalty. Listen to the audio below.

In the lyrics to the song, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake sing about their partners. Partynextdoor sings how she is the star in his life in the first verse of the song. He knows that she is not a timid woman. He tries to assure himself that she is loyal and that he needs not to worry about her in his head.

In the pre-chorus by Partynextdoor, he says that she is his best friend and that it would be so unfortunate should they have to part ways. In the chorus of the song, Partynextdoor tells her that he is loyal to her no matter what. He says he is rich and still he is loyal. He often goes for a drink to forget about his worries. But the real painkiller is when she is with him, close by and in his hands.

The post-chorus of the song, again by Partynextdoor, shows that they have been together for three years now. It is difficult to explain this relationship as he still has clouds of judgement about him even after being with her for three years. He calls her his best friend and then goes on to request her to stay with him.

The second verse of “Loyal” is performed by both Partynextdoor and Drake. This is an exact replica of the first verse of the song.

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