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Paul McCartney is a Hypnotist in Video “Who Cares” with Emma Stone (Review)

Only someone of the calibre of Sir Paul McCartney would recruit a leading Hollywood actress to star in their music video. Well, calling this visual for Paul McCartney’s new single “Who Cares” does not seem to fit well. The six-and-half minute video is almost a short-film complete with a storyline.

“Who Cares” appears in Sir Paul McCartney’s 2018 album ‘Egypt Station.’ It is the 5th track on the massive 18-track album. Paul McCartney released a short video clip in which he mentions what the song means to him;

“With “Who Cares” I was thinking about a song where you’re actually talking to the people who may listen to it. And in my case, I was imagining the young fans or the young people generally who might hear this and who are going through some sort of problem where they’re being picked on, and being put down. And these days it would be Internet bullying, trolls and all that. In my school days it would have just been bullies and people just generally picking on each other. So I know that happens all over the world-millions of people. So my thing was to try and help, and try and give some sort of advise…”

Paul McCartney on “Who Cares”

In the new music video for “Who Cares” we see Sir Paul McCartney playing Dr. Lorenz-a ‘Behavioural Hypnotist Meteorologist’ which we do not believe actually exists! Emma Stone comes in for a counselling session which gives us a sneak peak into her crazy world. The music video is directed by Brantley Gutierrez and Ryan Heffington.

Watch “Who Cares” Music Video by Paul McCartney Starring Emma Stone

“‘Cause you’re worth much more
Of that you can be sure
No need to hide
The love you’ve got inside”

– “Who Cares” lyrics by Genius

The song bases on the fact that nobody has to listen to what others have to say about you and put yourself down on their verdict. If you believe in yourself and do good, there is nothing that could stop you. Stay true to yourself and spread love.

Throughout the music video, we see Emma Stone getting hurt by external factors. There are people throwing knives at her, people shouting at her, people spreading lies and corrupting her head and people chasing her. Paul McCartney, ever so valiantly, comes to the rescue of Emma Stone.

“Who Cares” is such a classic song, wrapped around with an excellent positive message. This song and music video needs to circle all over the music world.

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Full Lyrics to “Who Cares” by Paul McCartney

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