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Joshua Bassett – Lie Lie Lie | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

This is the second song released within a week from the cast of ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ by Disney+. “Lie Lie Lie” is Joshua Bassett’s brand new release in 2021, and is said to be inspired by a friend who has been lying about him behind his back.

A day prior to the release of the song, on January 13, 2021, Joshua posted an Instagram story explaining the inspiration behind the song; “I wrote ‘Lie Lie Lie’ after I found out a friend had been lying about me behind my back for a long time. It always sucks to hear that someone you thought you could trust would throw you under the bus when it benefits them. It happens to all of us, and I think all you can do is seek out people that build you up rather than tear you down.”

Interestingly enough, “Lie Lie Lie” is released just days following the massive release of Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” which sings about a boyfriend who broke her heart. And Olivia and Joshua were rumored to be dating during the casting of ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ and broke up soon after. However, “Lie Lie Lie” has been teased on Instagram as early as November 2019 by Joshua.

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“Lie Lie Lie” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the song, Joshua is clearly talking about a girl who has been lying about him behind his back. Joshua says he knows that she has been bad-mouthing him with her friends. But gossips fly far and fast. So, he heard everything she has been saying about him.

Joshua Bassett tells her that she has been stuck in her own bubble and manifesting her own fake-realities. And he is not to be blamed for this. They may have dated and broken up, as Joshua sings that she is unable to let him go off her head.

Joshua also sings that she lies through her teeth about whatever went on between them to win everyone’s sympathy. She pretends to be the victim of a bad relationship gone south. He also goes as far as to say that she lied about who broke up with who. She even has been lying that she broke up with him. If that was the case, she should be able to let go of him afterward.

Joshua sings that she has been lying to everyone else around them and has been lying to herself to make herself feel better. Joshua is beyond the point of caring about her lies. He says ‘go ahead, keep lying’ and he has already moved on.

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