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Selena Gomez – De Una Vez | English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

The year 2021 is off to a good start. We have a brand new song and a music video by Selena Gomez, and a treat to all the Spanish-speaking fans. “De Una Vez” or “Finally” in English is the first release of Selena’s upcoming Spanish project.

Selena Gomez is returning to music after her third studio album ‘Rare‘ released in January 2020. The follow-up project, allegedly titled ‘Baila Conmigo’ is Selena Gomez’s fourth studio album, and is expected to release in 2021. ‘Baila Conmigo’ could also be another song from the same upcoming project. R

Releasing the new Spanish track, Selena Gomez added; “I am incredibly proud of my Latin background. It felt empowering to sing in Spanish again and ‘De Una Vez’ is such a beautiful love anthem.” She also added; “This is the beginning of something that I had long wanted to explore,” possibly hinting at the upcoming Spanish album.

Watch “De Una Vez” by Selena Gomez

“De Una Vez” English Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song is a beautiful anthem of healing and self-empowerment. Selena Gomez tackles one of her usual themes in songs–coping up with moving on from a relationship. Although these songs are rooted in heartbreak, they have a positive outlook. The songs focus on getting better, healing, and learning to love yourself rather than others.

In the only verse of the song, Selena Gomez talks to her ex. She says that this song is not directed at him. This song is rather a self-reflection about herself as she realizes that ‘herself’ is the only person who will stay by her no matter what. People come and go, and there is no point in putting our happiness on them.

Selena Gomez promises to herself that she will not go back to the same people who have hurt her before. She says that she will go back to them only when “the last sea dries up,” which hints at a literal end of times. Humans will be extinct long before that. So, her promise is good!

Selena Gomez considers moving on from her past relationship as ‘curing’ herself. This in turn means that her relationship was hurting her–injuring her. Nothing is more important than your own health–both mental and physical. There is nothing wrong with doing whatever it takes to protect your mental and physical wellbeing.

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