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Jonas Brothers Join Carpool Karaoke with James Corden: Watch

The latest episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden features the newly reunited Jonas Brothers in their first ever public performance since 2013.

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas helped James Corden commute to work in a fun-filled environment as all of them sang some classic Jonas Brothers’ hits.

Jonas Brothers and James Corden kicked off the sing-along session with “Burnin’ Up” from 2008. All three Jonas were happily singing the song while Corden was basically screaming the lyrics.

Next, they talked about how Jonas Brothers got back together. Nick Jonas answered: “basically about a year ago we started talking about making a documentary together. That’s what started it. Just to tell our story, childhood into our career together, and in that process, we did some very necessary healing. Because, when things ended it wasn’t the best. You know there was a magic when we were together, that we would all love to feel again.”

Instead of using a trust teddy for their healing sessions, Jonas Brothers confirm that they played a drinking game together that helped them open up to each other.

Nick Jonas goes on to admit that he broke up the band; “I broke up the band, but I got ’em back together.” “It’s true, it’s a full redemptive story” adds Kevin Jonas.

To the utter shock of the Jonas Brother, James Corden makes them undergo a lie detecting test.
Q1. to Joe- Which brother gets on your nerves the most? Kevin – TRUE
Q2. to Kevin- At any point while you are at Nick’s wedding did you think ‘how much longer is this going to be?’ Yes – TRUE
Q3. to Nick- Was there a point, during your many weddings that you thought, ‘I’m done with these weddings!’? Yes – TRUE
“That was when I looked at the bill” adds Nick.
Q4. to Nick- Are you a better singer than your brothers? No – LIE
The game goes on to a few more questions. Entertaining!

The band went on to perform some hits such as “Year 3000,” “Sucker,” “When You Look Me in the Eyes” and ended with an enthralling performance of “Lovebug.”

Watch the Carpool Karaoke session wit Jonas Brothers below.

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