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Demi Lovato – SKIN OF MY TEETH | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Demi Lovato has had their own battles with abuse for a very long time now. They have been in and out of rehab for quite some time. Their latest song “SKIN OF MY TEETH” shares some insight into their struggles and how this has been a newsmaker to the public.

“Skin of My Teeth” is the first release from Demi Lovato’s upcoming third studio album ‘HOLY FVCK.’ The song was released on June 10, 2022, with an album release schedule for August 19, 2022. The album will likely take a dive into more topics about their struggles.

The phrase ‘by the skin of my teeth’ means one barely makes it out of a bad situation. There is no skin on our teeth, which tells how slim their chances were. In the song, Demi uses this phrase to emphasize that t they barely made it out alive from their substance abuse issues.

In “Skin of My Teeth,” Demi Lovato explores a rock genre with heavy drums, and electric guitars, likely ushering in a new era of music for their discography.

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Demi Lovato “Skin of My Teeth” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Demi Lovato kicks off the song with a headline from a newspaper;

Demi leaves rehab again

On Genius, Demi Lovato explained that they wanted this lyric as the first line in their song to deliver a message: how many times they go into and out of rehab is no one’s business and people should respect their personal life.

Demi is so tired of being a headline for every online newspaper and blog out there. It’s like a broken track inside their head–not at all helping them with their own personal struggles.

All things added up, Demi cannot believe how they are alive so far. Only a person who has gone through substance abuse and is the focal point of online bashing would be able to understand what they went through. Guess, what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger!

I’m alive by the skin of my teeth
I survived, but it got harder to breathe

Demi explains how they barely made it out of the dark place they were for a good part of the past decade or so. They recall the times when it got really hard to stay afloat–the feeling of drowning, the walls closing in on them, and the feeling of being lost in one’s own head.

Demi asks everyone to go easy on them. It has been a tough recovery and anyone’s sanity rests on a fickle balance. Don’t be the reason for someone to lose their sanity.

I’m your son and I’m your daughter
I’m your mother I’m your father
I’m just a product of the problem

The bridge of the song lays down some important facts. Demi Lovato’s addictions are nothing new. There are millions of people who are going through the same thing right now. Demi’s problems could one day easily be your child’s issues as well. Addiction is easy to catch on–that is why it is called an addiction. Letting it go can be the hardest thing ever.

Demi Lovato says that they are the product of a problem that already is rooted in this society. They did not invent alcohol and drugs. They did not ask for the stresses of being a child celebrity. The music industry is brutal. It is known to consume people’s souls and drugs may have been seen as appealing at the time to Demi.

In the present day, Demi Lovato is trying her best to move on with her life being healthy. If anyone does not have words of support, they can forever stay silent.

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