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Linkin Park – Lost | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

We might not have believed it unless it would have already happened, but Linkin Park has a new song out titled “Lost.” The song tackles some troubled emotions and pent-up pain from the days of the past from which the singer is unable to break free.

“Lost” is finally being fully released as the 76th track on ‘Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition), a re-release of Linkin Park’s infamous 2003 album ‘Meteora.’ This album contained some mega-hits such as “Numb,” “Somewhere I Belong,” “Breaking the Habit,” “Faint” and more. As the group’s second studio album, it became one of the corner-stone albums of LP’s discography and achieved commercial success by selling over 27 million copies worldwide.

The original album contained only 13 tracks. However, the 20th-anniversary re-release includes a massive 89 tracks including live performances, demos, and unreleased tracks.

The “Lost” song has been in existence since 2003 and has surfaced in various forms and pieces. However, the song is officially released 20 years later on February 10, 2023. The vocals for the song are by LP’s lead vocalist Chester Bennington, who passed away in 2017 after a secret battle with depression.

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Linkin Park “Lost” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The band talks about those scars that never seem to heal. It’s one of those itches that you can’t reach. The singer emphasizes that he is unable to break away from these feelings.

Knowing what we know about Chester Bennington now, these lyrics hit differently. The lyrics can very well be interpreted as the emotions of someone fighting through depression.

The singer explains how when he is alone, these emotions absolutely run him over. And there is no one to help him through this. He cannot reach out. He is used to keeping things down. The lyrics say that the singer has lost all his dignity going through these emotions. Maybe this is the reason why he is afraid to ask for help.

In the second verse of the song, LP sings how the singer is tired of all the experiences he has gone through in a short span of his life. There have been many deceits, broken promises, and heartaches. After one too many of those, one begins to question the meaning of life itself. One could be happily married with kids and be one of the biggest stars in the world, but some experiences left untreated could potentially eat them from the inside.

A world of illusion and confusion and being lost of their whereabouts is what the singer has inherited now. Darker memories are all that is left in his head. Left untreated, this can potentially consume their life in full.

Is this a song about the darkness that shadowed Chester’s mind that eventually consumed his life? Let us hear what you think about the song in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

One thought on “Linkin Park – Lost | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

  1. Thats how I view it aswell. “One could be happily married with kids and be one of the biggest stars in the world, but some experiences left untreated could potentially eat them from the inside”. This can’t be more true.
    One can be diligent, friendly, humorous, normal person from the outside and around people, but 180 degrees different from the inside, with an inner psyche that is a hopeless mess.
    And at some point, life seems like a bad, meaningless game and your world view is just an illusion.

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