lovejoy call me what you like lyrics review

Lovejoy – Call Me What You Like | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Gamer-turned-singer Wilbur Soot is back with a brand new single “Call Me What You Like.” In the song, the teenager is staring down a love spiral while his love interest is having the time of their love oblivious to the gazing eyes of the singer.

“Call Me What You Like” is a single from Lovejoy’s upcoming third EP ‘WU&IO.’ The album has so far produced singles such as “It’s Golden Hour Somewhere” and “Scum.” This is Lovejoy’s follow-up project to the 2021 sophomore album ‘Pebble Brain.’

Wilbur Soot has a teenage crush on this person who is oblivious to his advances. He watches from a distance as this person goes about their life–getting drunk, dancing with strangers, flirting, making out, and more. The singer only takes solace in the fact that this person has to sleep at some time and they won’t be mingling with others then. Wilbur is down bad!

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Lovejoy “Call Me What You Like” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

As per the singer, this girl and himself have several interests that align–they both hate the news! What a cliche. Both are pretty confused about everything which could be an age thing. But one thing Wilbur can never figure out is how he can take his shot. He can never figure out what to say next. He asks her if she is bored because he never seems to have anything to say to them. She just smiles in response and this irks Wilbur even more.

Wilbur tries to ignore his reality and thinks that she would just go to bed tonight. But the reality is a little more complicated than this. This girl sounds to be a social creature while Wilbur is not so much. So, there is a high chance that she would end up wasting her time with some strangers.

Wilbur tries all angles with this girl. He knows her mum, too, and lately, it seems like he is spending more time with her mom than the girl. He doesn’t mind. They enjoy each other’s company.

The singer comes to the realization that he is just wasting his time with this girl, mostly his fault as well. He never told the girl. So, he is destined to lurk in agony as she lives her life the way she wants and loves.

Wilbur brings in an interesting take on happiness in this song. He says the road to happiness is paved with rows and rows of very tempting parking spaces. This symbolizes that there are many distractions on one’s way to happiness. But ‘parking spaces’ are always temporary stops. So, one can get distracted by these temporary blisses and actually miss the real happiness waiting for them at the end of the road. The destination on the road of happiness and these tempting parking spaces are unique to each and every one of us. So, tread carefully.

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