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[Watch] Kendrick Lamar Debuts New Untitled Single During Colbert Report

Kendrick Lamar is such a talented artist. He is now considered the King the rappers of the West Coast. But listening to this interview, I can definitely guarantee that Kendrick isn’t after any title or cool tag names. He is the most humble Hip Hop/Rap artist I have ever come across (I haven’t had the chance to familiarize with the great Tupac Shakur). Being such a talented artist and a major act around the world, Kendrick Lamar continuously says all he wants to do is ‘stay true to himself’.

However Kendrick Lamar performed a brand new song at the Colbert Report held last night. This is a brand new song and this was the first time it was premiered on public media. It is actually a pretty great song. The lyrics are quite insightful if you take the time to listen carefully. Don’t let the catchy beats fool you, the song has a great meaning to it. The track has not been even named yet.

Watch Kendrick Lamar Perform His Newest Untitled Song Live on Colbert Report

I will jot down some lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s new song you would know.

“(What did the Asian say?)
A peace of mind
That’s what the Asian said, I need a divine
Intervention was his religion and now I’m surprised
Him believing in Buddha, me believing in God
Asked me what am I doing, he said “taking my time”
Meditation is a must, it don’t hurt if you try
See you thinking too much plus you too full of yourself
Worried about your career, ever think of your health?”

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It’s amazing how Kendrick puts these seemingly unlikely phrases together. Stephen Colbert randomly throws a word “cold bear” and asks Kendrick to rhyme a word with it. Within a second Kendrick replies “no hair”. Fair enough!

For the full lyrics visit:

This untitled track kind of confuses me genre-wise. It feels like a Funk/Reggae track more than a Hip Hop track. And a Jazz tune has been mixed within along with a beautiful Saxophone session. Maybe it’s multi-genre, or genre-defying or even a whole new genre altogether. That’s the capacity of an artist such a Kendrick Lamar.

Wish we would get a new album from this talented artist.

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