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Taylor Swift Invents New Word for Stalking Her Fans Online “Taylurking”

It is a known secret that Taylor Swift stalks her fans online. If you are reading this for the first time, don’t get creeped out. She does that for the sweetest and the humblest reason ever. You can read about why Taylor Swift stalks her fans in this article. However, Taylor has taken stalking to the next level. She crafted the sweetest word for ‘stalking’ which is generically a creepy word. She combined her name cleverly to a synonym for ‘stalking’ and created “Taylurking“… Impressive, isn’t it?

Taylurking: [Verb] The act of stalking fans online by a celebrity named Taylor Swift (usually always for the sweetest reasons.) – JustRandomThings Dictionary

Parents: Don’t worry, she is not a predator. You can safely allow your kids to be stalked by Taylor Swift. If they are lucky enough, it could make the best day of their lives.

You too can get ‘Taylurked’ by Taylor Swift. Taylor said before that she usually checks fans’ activities on Instagram (mainly) and then on Facebook and Twitter. So if you post something about Taylor or the new 1989 album, make sure you add the hashtag #taylurking or #Taylurk so that Taylor gets notified. Already thousands of people are using this hashtag on all the social media sites. It is a two-way lane though. You get direct access to Taylor and she gets a direct line to you all. If you are lucky enough you will be noticed by Taylor Swift and would even win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Taylor in person.

Taylor Swift’s latest album ‘1989’ is in stores now and you too buy a copy or two and help Taylor set a music world record.

Buy Taylor Swift’s 1989 here: Amazon / iTunes

Do let us know how you feel about Taylurking and if you got Taylurked by Taylor Swift and if so how it made your day. Does anyone think this is creepy?

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