Listen to The Three Brand New Songs Miguel Released

Miguel took to SoundCloud today to release three brand new songs, possibly from an EP leading up to his next album. Of course he did not give further details about these three tracks, but everyone is speculating it could be off of an upcoming album. Miguel did the same thing before releasing his last album “Kaleidoscope Dream”, which helped build the necessary buzz for the album. If history repeats we could be looking at a brand new album from Miguel in the new year.

"Wild" captioned on the image tag of the three new tracks uploaded.
“Wild” captioned on the image tag of the three new tracks uploaded.

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Listen to the three new Miguel songs here

Miguel – nwa ft. Kurupt



Miguel – hollywooddreams


Miguel – coffee


All three tracks are classic Miguel style. The tracks are not yet available on iTunes (if they ever will be) and we will have the links as soon as they are available. So stay tuned with us for more information his new music and possible upcoming album. Admire his effort to release music free (even promo tracks).

“coffee” seems to be the fan favorite so far, which kind of makes sense. But we would like to ehar your opinion. Vote below.

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Stay tuned with Miguel’s official SoundCloud profile.

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