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Listen to Sia’s 7 New Tracks from ‘This Is Acting’ Deluxe Edition

Among all the hype about the release of Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Joanne‘, Sia has been active in the music-sphere too. Sia’s last album ‘This Is Acting’ was one of her best works yet and it gained much appreciation from critiques. The album was released in January 2016 which had 12 tracks, including global hits like “Cheap Thrills,” “Bird Set Free,” and “Reaper.” However, today Sia has released the deluxe version of ‘This Is Acting’ and it gets not two-three, but seven new tracks.

The best part is you can listen to all the new tracks for free on YouTube.

“Jesus Wept”

This is more of a soulful ballad about love and Sia gets into a whole other persona in this track. Her vocals are impeccable.


This is more of an upbeat song by Sia, much in tune with the likes of “Cheap Thrills.” This is a breakup song, but not the heartbreak and sorrow kind. The moving-on-with-a-smile kinda breakup.

No, I won’t miss you, I don’t cry, I don’t regret it,

“Midnight Decisions”

And we’re back at sorrow filled heartbreaks. This is a song about all midnight worries of the life they used to have.

I always regret midnight decisions…

“Move Your Body” Alan Walker Remix

This is a track from the standard edition of ‘This Is Acting’, but this time around it gets a nice remix.

“Cheap Thrills” Ft. Sean Paul

This is yet again a nice remix of the original track. Notice how Sia’s voice gets playful in this track compared to much soulful tracks like “Jesus Wept.” Sean Paul-the party animal of the music biz-is a nice addition to this carefree dance anthem.

“The Greatest”

This track was released around the time of 2016 Olympics and was a nice motivational song.

“The Greatest” Featuring Kendrick Lamar

This track too was released some months back and addition of Kendrick’s voice in this pumped up anthem just makes it all-around perfection. Kendrick Lamar raps;

Ey, I’m the greatestEy, this is the proof,I work hard, I pray hard, I pay the dues…

All-in-all these are some nice additions to what was already a great album. You can buy the deluxe version of ‘This Is Acting’ on iTunes and Amazon.

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