nicki minaj regret in your tears lyric video review

Watch Lyric Video for “Regret In Your Tears” by Nicki Minaj (Lyrics Review)

Lyric videos are becoming a thing now and they are a good way to attract the crowd before the official music video drops. The latest addition to the lot is “Regret In Your Tears” by Nicki Minaj and the video looks very dark and gloomy much like the lyrics.

“Regret In Your Tears” song possibly appears in Nicki Minaj’s upcoming 2017 album, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The lyrics have been composed by Starrah & Nicki Minaj and the song produced by Frank Dukes, Boi-1da & Allen Ritter.

Watch “Regret In Your Tears” Lyric Video

The sons is about post-relationship heartbreak and the singer seems to be the victim here. The lyrics are catchy and quite meaningful as well.

Lyrics Review of “Regret In Your Eyes”


I just wanted memories with you

The intro to “Regret In Your Tears” pretty much sums up the entire song. The singer wanted to make memories with her partner-maybe memories that lasted forever.


Regret in your tears, know you taste ’em
‘Cause you know I don’t chase, I replace ’em
Don’t rush, take time, take some
I just wanted memories, tried to make some with you
Now I gotta erase some with you

As per the singer, her partner has regret in his eyes, which can only mean that he did something to end the relationship and he regrets whatever he did. The singer knows that he feels the bitterness of actions.

The singer says she wanted to make memories with him-the kind that makes and builds a relationship and ends in happily ever after. But he did something to mess it all up and now the singer has no other option than to erase him and the memories made with him from her mind.

Verse 1

Look at you now, stuck in the background
Silence right now sounds so loud
Tried to let you go, you come back ’round
Look at you now, stuck in the background
Two seats in my two seater-er-er
Used to pull off on me, leave me hur-urt
Tryna front, but I know you do your dir-irt
Not nice, boy you know you do your dirt

The singer’s ex is now just noise in the background. She has moved away from the relationship and he is stuck in the drapes.

The singer says he did his dirty deeds, so I’m guessing he cheated on her and he regrets it greatly. But the singer isn’t the kind to give second chances to losers.

Verse 2

Baby now you know you got nerve
I know you just wanna be heard
I’m a bad bitch, you ain’t used to that
You gon’ fuck around and make me do you bad
Used to creep, creep, with you through the back

The ex is coming after her asking her to take him back. She says he has quite the nerve to ask for a second chance. The singer says she is a bad bitch because she does not trust cheaters.

I count up the cash and bring you the bag
I count up the racks like Serena
Plus I got that ass like Selena
And you know nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, not a bitch
That’s gon’ care, care, hold you down and love you like this
Drop down, turn around, baby show you like this
Won’t find another one to ride it like a soldier like this

The singer says she brings everything into the relationship-she brings the cash and she brings the looks. Rack is a pile of cash and Serena is a reference to one of the wealthiest women in sports-Serena Williams. And “ass like Selena” is a reference to the body of  Selena Quintanilla-Perez-who was also mentioned by The Weeknd on “Party Monster” for her same features.


Yeah, and they say big girls don’t cry
Baby I cried
The real ones don’t lie
Baby you lied
I don’t know what to do with you
Baby now I’m through with you

“Regret In Your Tears” addresses some stereotypes about women in society today. Big girls may not be expected to cry, but a true love lost makes anyone cry-even men. She also adds that real men don’t lie and she says he lied.

Verse 3

‘Cause you don’t even know what you just lost
You don’t even know what you just had
You don’t even know, and that’s what’s bad
Money bag long, that bitch bad
Used to lay up in them sheets, they were snow white
Now you spendin’ cold nights
You’ve been in the wrong so long
You don’t even know right
Call my line, call my line, I’m like, “Please, boy”
You just need to leave, boy
I ain’t got time for you
Just once, do somethin’ for me, boy

Nicki Minaj says he ex didn’t even know the value of the relationship while he had it. He had everything to lose in this relationship and yet he gambled it all away for a midnight’s fun-ad he lost. Now he is in tears begging her to take him back, but she is not having any of it.

Looks like Karma served up a nice cold plate.

“Regret In Your Tears” ends in the third verse and Nicki Minaj leave us with a sorrow tone. The lyrics are actually quite nice and touchy and Nicki gets into some different vocal chords along the song to emphasize the effect.

We are in love with Nicki Minaj’s “Regret In Your Tears” and would love to hear your opinion on the song. Leave a comment below on what you think of the song and what each lyric means to you.

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