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Jack and Jack Premiers “Like That” Music Video

Jack and Jack is an American pop/rap duo, and their latest single “Like That” has gone quite viral. Jack and Jack have been around since 2013, but only released several singles in 2014. 11 singles to be accurate. “Like That” is a single among them and with the release of the music video for the song, it has gone viral. It is heavily trending on Twitter as of now. Check out for yourself with #JackAndJack hashtag.

Jack and Jack Releases “Like That” Music Video

“Like That” music video was released 6 days ago and it is nearing one million plays on YouTube. Watch it here.

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson are seen in the music video along with the rapper Skate (the white top guy).

“Like That” features some catchy beats, a few hot girls and some nice lyrics. The lyrics are not anything deep worthy of analysis, but it’s about how much they adore their girlfriends.

Jack and Jack passes on hints at One Direction?

Jack and Jack duo along with Skate and one other guy is seen in the music video dressed as One Direction usually does.

Jack and Jack Like That music video
Jack and Jack, Skate and the other guy dressed like One Direction does.

… and then this…

Jack and Jack Like That music video
Classic, One Direction signature move. LOL

Buy Jack and Jack’s “Like That” Single on iTunes / Amazon

Jack and Jack’s other single “Wild Life” peaked at #87 on music charts, and also looking at this track and the music video, we could assume that they will reach some heights in music. All the best for their music career starting off with the hit “Like That”. I’m a sucker for great lyrics, so if anything I would like to see an improvement in the lyrics of the songs. Then they are set to take on the world.

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3 thoughts on “Jack and Jack Premiers “Like That” Music Video

  1. The walking across the street move wasn’t One Directions signature move it was the Beatles, if your going to make articles make sure you do the research because it makes you look like a jackass pointing out the wrong sources

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