Taylor Swift in bikini in hawaii

[Pictures] Taylor Swift in Bikini On Vacation with HAIM in Hawaii

In a previous article we showed you the Instagram pictures Taylor Swift shared with us from her Hawaiian vacation with the Haim sisters. There were only a very few pictures and obviously they looked gorgeous and supermodel-like clad in bikinis. Taylor Swift put aside her midriff restriction and went on to show her belly button as well, which is a pretty big deal when it comes to Taylor. There were pictures of them having fun at the beach, hiking and a video of them whale watching.

Now we have the full collection of pictures from their bikini adventure. Pictures of Haim sisters and Taylor Swift in bikini for days. We have 97 pictures of Taylor Swift in bikini. Watch them below.

Taylor Swift in Bikini along with Haim Sisters

Don’t they look gorgeous? More importantly, don’t they look happy? It takes a lot of effort to be happy when you achieve celebrity status, and Taylor Swift is at the top of the ladder now. Everybody is trying to bite a piece of her. Diplo? Seriously! So being happy is like an added bonus at this stage of stardom.

Who took these pictures? I bet most of them were taken by the personal guard of Taylor, and the others by the girls themselves.

Taylor Swift got legs for days. Damn!

Anyway those are pretty much all the pictures we have of Taylor Swift and Haim sister’s get away to Hawaii beach. If you have any be sure to let us know. We will try to make this collection as complete as possible.

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