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Imagine Dragons Releases New Single “Shots” from ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

Imagine Dragons continues to impress us with their music from this latest single from upcoming “Smoke + Mirrors” album. “Shots” single was released a few hours ago, and fans are going crazy. It is actually a really good track. Can they ever produce a bad track? Hope not! “Shots” is the third single off the new album.

Listen to “Shots” Single by Imagine Dragons


A little different version of Imagine Dragons than you are used to? Yes, and we are in love. This song does not feel like a hard-hitting rock song like they usually produce. “Shots” has more of a pop rock feel to it. If ‘diversity’ is what keep artists in the business, Imagine Dragons are doing the right thing.

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“Shots” start off with an apology. An apology for ‘everything I’ve done’. Essentially the song speaks about a bad relationship. He talks how he ‘shot shot shot a whole through everything I loved’. That is the basis for the track name. Basically when times got hard, the singer has tried skipping life and lost it all. ‘Shots’ serve two meanings in the track. Above we get a clear meaning as if he ‘shot’ through a weapon. But the singer also references to ‘drinking away’ his problems. So ‘shots’ could also mean doing shots, which was my initial understanding of the title meaning as well. Maybe it is the sole meaning, why don’t you let us know your opinion?

“Smoke + Mirrors” album is turning out to be another huge success, judging by the singles released off of the album so far. “I Bet My Life” and “Gold” were the first two singles off the album and have been reviewed very positively by the critiques and the fans.

“Smoke and Mirrors” album will drop on February 17, 2015 and you can pre-order you copy from iTunes and Amazon.

Let us know what you think about the new single and what is your gut feeling for the upcoming album.

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