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(Watch) Premier of “Champagne Kisses” Music Video by Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware premiered the music video for “Champagne Kisses” from her fourth studio album ‘Tough Love‘. “Champgne Kisses” is the latest single by Jessie Ware, released from the same album. Before this track, “You & I (Forever)”, “Tough Love” and “Say You Love Me” tracks were releases as singles.

The “Champagne Kisses” music video has a 90s retro theme and has some really creative symbols and designs. It’s the kind of video that will keep your eyes busy. Anyway enjoy the video below.

Jessie Ware – Champagne Kisses Music Video


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Jessie Ware previously released the music video for “Say You Love Me” which was pretty epic with the voice of Ed Sheeran on the track. “Say You Love Me” is a romantic ballad, with minimum music and a lot of voices, which is the best setting for both Jessie Ware and Ed Sheeran. Take a listen below.

Anyway we are very impressed with the music video for “Champagne Kisses”. Kudos for trying to do something different in a world of same-old music visuals.

Leave a comment what you think about the music video and the song. What is Jessie Ware’s best song out of the ‘Tough Love’ album?

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