Music Roundup from Super Bowl XLIX from Katy Perry to Idina Menzel

Super Bowl XLIX came to an end with a 4 point lead for Patriots over Seahawks (28-24) and whilst some are freaking over the game results, we are freaking over the music involved in the Super Bowl XLIX. Several superstars made appearances on the music stage last night and they did an outstanding job. All eyes were on the Super Bowl halftime show, which was literally ablaze with Katy Perry’s performance.

Idina Menzel Performs a High Pitched National Anthem at Super Bowl XLIX

Idina Menzel kicked off the Super Bowl XLIX event with the traditional national anthem performance. There is a lot of yay and nay about this performance, mainly because of the high-pitched nature of Menzel’s voice. But we think she did a great job. Watch her national anthem performance below and you decide if she did justice for the anthem or not.

You either love it or hate it. There is no in-between. Let us know which side you are on.

Super Bowl XLIX halftime show
Katy Perry performing “Firework” at Super Bowl XLIX halftime show

Katy Perry Roars at the Super Bowl XLIX Half Time Show

The musical highlight of the night was Katy Perry’s halftime performance. She started off strong with a performance of her hit single “Roar”. Katy Perry was sitting on a golden lion that moved and even roared at the end of the song. It was pretty epic! Then she moved on to perform “Dark Horse”, which always gives chills. Then comes Lenny Kravitz, one of the guest performances of the night. He started off “I Kissed a Girl” in the most unique way possible.

Then comes the sharks, that everybody seem to adore. The jumping and awkwardly moving sharks, beach balls and surfing boards made a perfect stage for the performance of “Teenage Dream”. The same setting plus a few girls in two-piece bikinis made the stage for “California Gurls”.

Milly Elliot killed it. She joined Katy Perry for a three-song performance of “Get Ur Freak On”, “Work It” and “Lose Control”. It was epic on all proportions. The halftime show concluded with Katy’s mega hit “Firework”. I bet it gave all kinds of feels for the audience, and motivated the Patriots to score the winning runs. Katy Perry was floating over the audience along with a shooting star, as she performed the song.

Watch the full performance below.

Leave a comment about your thoughts on the two performances of the Super Bowl XLIX night. Were they Super Bowl-worthy?

Congratulations to Katy Perry for delivering a magnificent halftime show, which was clearly a huge deal in her music career. It was nothing short of spectacular!

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