nicki minaj hard white music video review

Nicki Minaj Assures ‘Queen’ Status in “Hard White” Music Video (Review)

Nicki Minaj’s 2018 album ‘Queen’ was one of the hottest releases of the year. The album title is a dedication to how Nicki Minaj dominates the female hip-hop scene ever since we can remember, and many of the tracks on the album are bent towards the same purpose. “Hard White” is yet another song dedicated to boasting her boss status in the industry. In the midst of the cold-war brewing between Nicki and Cardi B, we tried to look for hints of shots being fired from Nicki. We did find some!

In one split-second scene from the “Hard White” video, we see two pictures of scorpions. In the first image, is a black scorpion, and in the next image the scorpion is disembodies from its limbs and head. A seemingly bizarre scene, and some fans decoded this to be a message to Drake, who’s fifth studio album is titled ‘Scorpion.’ However, there is no direct link to suggest any connection with Drake and these pictures.

Nicki also goes on to drop some boss verses such as “My legacy could never be undone/I’m a prodigy, R.I.P Thun-Thun” and “Got these bitches shook, they shocked, no stun-gun/I’m the billy, billy goat, the GOAT, the GOAT’s here.”

Nicki Minaj uses “Hard White” song as an outlet to flaunt her wealth. She namedrops high-end fashion brands such as Hermès, a wrist watch worth $150,000 (most likely a Rolex) and trips in Paris. The music video, however, is downright freaky. There are a lot of ghostly dancers dancing around their witch queen-Nicki.

Watch “Hard White” Music Video by Nicki Minaj

There is not a single moment in the video where Nicki is not asserting her dominance.

One controversial line from the song is “Hoes is dissin’? Okay, these hoes is wishin’/You’re in no position to come for O’s position” which was speculated to be about Cardi B. However, in a later interview, Nicki confirmed that she wrote these lyrics a year ago–way before any feud with Cardi B had begun.

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