Ed Sheeran is Planning to Have His Own Record Label?

Ed Sheeran is one of the hottest upcoming stars in the music industry right now. He has two studio albums out and both are beyond comprehension of my words. Hence he has earned a spot in my blog which is dedicated only to three artists. This is my first article on Ed Sheeran and I’m so glad it happened to be this great news. Yes, Ed Sheeran is considering having his own record label.

Ed Sheeran record label
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran talked about his idea of having his own record label to the UK paper, and said;

“The door has now been opened I’ve set up the label and I’m going to start signing people. It’ll be an imprint that goes through Warner. But I’ll get the rights back in about ten years.”


Yes, Ed Sheeran is planning on taking some new artists under his wing as well. How do you qualify? If you roughly belong to the singer/songwriter category like Ed does, you too can be eligible.

“I’ve got my first signing in mind. I’m looking at people like me, who came through the singer-songwriter scene.”

How do you get noticed is still far down the road. Ed Sheeran has plans to start a record label with Warner Bros. Records. According to The Sun Ed Sheeran has already signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records to start his own record label and is looking into ‘acts’ as good as Ed Sheeran.

When can we see all this in action?

“I’m going to focus on this when I’m on tour next year. Hopefully the acts will be up and running by the time I take time off.”

Maybe he will be picking up some local talents while he is touring? That’d be a great opportunity to everyone who is really talented in music. Maybe we will get to see some of these ‘acts’ on his tour as well.

This is really great news for the 23 year old British singer and all the Sheerios around the world. There will be more and more insanely talented people under his record album and we will get to see some of the greatest collaborations of all time.

We wish him all the best in this endeavor!!!

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