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Tech N9ne & Eminem Collaboration “Speedom” is Here (Meaning & Review)

One of the most anticipated Rap collaborations of 2015 just got released and it totally lives up to the massive hype it created. Before this, we heard another highly anticipated Eminem collaboration with Yelawolf on “Best Friend“, but this track is on a whole different level. Tech N9ne warned us of that in an interview sometime ago-that this song is going to blow us away. And one hearing, it has blown us away.

The most anticipated Rap collaboration of 2015 is undoubtedly the announced Tech N9ne and Eminem and Krizz Kaliko collab on “Speedom (World Wide Choppers 2)” track from Tech N9ne’s upcoming album ‘Special Effects’. “Speedom” dropped few hours ago, and it is already the most talked about subject on the music sphere. Yes, it is that good. Before getting into a little bit of lyrics analysis, let’s listen to the brand new track here.

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I am at a loss of words to describe this collaboration. But that’s why we have wordsmiths like Tech N9ne to do that job for us. What is “Speedom”? Let’s take a look at what Tech N9ne says about the song at the start of the song.

Lyrics Review, Analysis and Meaning of “Speedom”

I said to Seven “Richard Havens’ll be the man”
So we put it together thinking Eminem was a gamble
Guess not, cause he be the guest spot

Tech N9ne in an earlier interview said that “Speedom” will be a personal track for him as he dedicates it to his idol Richie Havens. Seven is the producer of “Speedom”. Tech N9ne says he wanted Richie Havens to be on the track, but he passed away in 2013 (Rest his soul), so they picked Eminem instead thinking it might be a gamble. But it wasn’t so, because wherever Eminem goes, he owns it. He did the same on “Speedom” track.

Kaliko said, “what we doin’?,” I said to ‘im, “Let’s chop”
So now the people finally get three of the best locked
Never be another choppers comin’ so let’s rock, n*gga

Krizz Kaliko is the other featuring artist on this triple collaboration and they decided to work on World Wide Choppers part 2. And they got three of the best in the business for this job. Tech N9ne announces the end of World Wide Choppers series after this. There will be no more WWC tracks. It ends with WWC2.

You’re on, people got to wondering if its a for sure song
Yes I got another killer making a tour strong
If you thinking of battling – you’re gone!

Tech N9ne and Eminem collaboration has been one of the longest anticipated collabs in the music business. Two of the greatest in their genre and they had never collaborated before “Speedom”, so everybody was skeptical when Tech N9ne finally announced the collaboration. Today, that has been a reality thanks to Tech N9ne himself. Tech N9ne pleasantly asks others not to even compete with this track–there’s no chance, not right now!

Well, that’s the intro to the song, and gives a basic idea about what “Speedom” is, what is the significance of it and how big this collaboration is to the whole music world. Tecca said it in a rap than I could have said it in a few paragraphs. So, moving on…

Krizz Kaliko starts off the second verse:

Nobody can catch up with me cuz I’m Speedy Gonzalez
The beat is the problem
And if ya got your feet in your mouth you gon’ have to beat it up out of him

The speed at which these lines are being rapped is phenomenal–just like the running of Speedy Gonzalez the mouse. has a nice revelation. “You see, Krizz, much like Tech, is a chopper. This means that they can rap faster than the average human can speak.” 

The hook of the song is quite interesting too:

(If you wanna go with us)
(I’mma leave ’em in the dust)
(I must be the one to bust)
(And I’m gonna hit the clutch)

“Speedom” word is a play on the words “speed” and “freedom”. ‘Speed’ in this situation is relevant considering the supersonic rappers involved in the making of this song. The word ‘speed’ in the song title is an honor to the three artists-Tech N9ne, Eminem and Krizz Kaliko-who rap at blistering pace. ‘Freedom’ comes as a tribute to the late great Richard Havens. Tech N9ne addresses the song “Freedom” by Richie Havens. And combining the two words together, you get a perfect bow to four of the greatest in music.

Verse 3 begins with a spitfire rap from Eminem himself:

Wait! Before I wreck this beat, let me just check to see
If Stephanie Mills left any extra refills of ecstacy pills next to me
In the seats spilled, or did she eat ’em all with a breakfast drink (You inspect the sink?)

Eminem addresses the drug problem he had sometime back. Stephanie Mills had a song titled “Sweet Sensation” that spoke about drugs and drug abuse. Eminem refers to that song from the 80s. Pills are usually taken in the morning with breakfast.

In the habit of grabbin’ a mic and babblin’, I dabble in lights
But I might just swallow my f*ckin’ Ritalin tablet after the night
I’m grabbin’ it right from the medicine cabinet cause that’s what it’s like
And attack it like a dragon and bite

Eminem says it is almost a habit for him to rap now. It’s in his blood now. He could go up to a mic and start rapping and sometimes it may seem like ‘babbling’ to us. But Eminem got the homework done the night before. Ritalin is a tablet used to improve focus, usually taken in the morning to help focus on the days work. But Eminem pulls an all-nighter writing verses, so he would rather attack the pill like a dragon and stay up the night.

‘Cause when I pick up a pen I’m venomous and I’m as thick as Dennis the Menace

Look at the play on syllables on this line alone. “Cause”, “venomous”, “Dennis” and “Menace”. That’s pretty impressive considering that Eminem managed to add meaning to the line as well. Eminem is known for his roasts on his verses. He calls himself a venomous snake with the pen. He drags in the beloved notorious childhood favorite Dennis the Menace to describe his personality too.

Like an evil dentist hygienist, sinister
You’ve been yelling demented, I invented this, I’m the Genesis, Eminem is a nemesis to a feminist
F*ckin’ smart, I look degenerate
I got Ellen DeGeneres tryna tell me these men are just full of jealousy
Envious of female independence, head with a cl*toris, hit or miss you

Eminem continues to speak about his personality. He calls himself a dentist hygienist-the the person who helps get the patient prepared for the dentist. Eminem could be referring to the much much sinister persona of him-Slim Shady-doing the work for Eminem, to bring him into the light. In fact, Slim Shady’s persona is the evil out of the lot Marshall Mathers has got going on.

People have been calling him worse things than ‘demented’ to him. But he has no time to respond to them. He says he invented the sinister rapper persona-like writing the Genesis before anything/anybody else. Eminem has had a lot of complaints from certain groups about his demeaning remarks at women–not a feminist-friendly approach at all. Ellen DeGeneres gets dragged into more songs than any other celebrity. LOL.

Never consider this a bit of disappointment, I’ll never fail to deliver this

Rap God, too, is referring to the failed attempts at a Tech N9ne and Eminem collaboration. says this collaboration has been in the making for 17 years. Phew. And Eminem says the wait was worth it and this track will not disappoint you. Eminem never fails to deliver anything. “Speedom” could just be the best collaboration in 2015.

Whatever the weather in this’ll be just like a certificate of authenticity

‘Whatever the weather’ is a reference to the Eminem track “Not Afraid”. He says no matter how things get rough or bad or worse, this is pure Eminem. He issues a certificate of authenticity, proving that this is still 100% the raw, pure, undiluted Eminem.

Further down the rap, this comes up:

Murder you on a song and then I’ll just say
I was with Dr. Dre and Robert Blake
Eatin’ lobster, steak and coffee cake
At a restaurant with Drake
And Tech just got to make sure that our stories corroborate

Eminem talks about that one artist who did the mistake of letting Eminem on his track and got murdered by Eminem on his own track. He is addressing that whole fiasco here, with a touch of Robert Blake-a person who murdered his wife. Eminem is a ‘guest’ on “Speedom”. Is he suggesting that he murdered Tech N9ne on his own track? The lyrics don’t suggest anything on ‘murdering’ Tech N9ne. So Tech N9ne is a witness to Em’s previous lyrical murder.

I’m a lot to take like Kanye walking up on the stage for Beyonce like it’s my job to say that you’re not a real artist, but it’s my obligation Honest Abe is on his way you will not escape

Eminem addresses the recent music events that happened surrounding Kanye West. Eminem doesn’t necessarily agree or disagree with what Kanye West did. Kanye West walked up to Beck’s Album of the Year acceptance stage and shook his head and turned back. It was in reference to the whole scene he created with Taylor Swift way back in 2009. But Kanye West went on a huge rant about Beck calling him ‘not a real artist’ and he should ‘respect the artistry’ and return the award to Beyonce.

Eminem neither says Kanye was right nor wrong. Eminem says he likes to be honest like Kanye. He likes to speak out his mind. So if what’s on his mind is offensive to some, it is not of his concern. Kanye West later went on to apologize to Beck, but Eminem has never apologized to anything he has said in his entire music career. Why? Because truth and honesty need no apologizing.

If you’re not lookin’ to get run over by the roadrunner
No wonder don’t no one wanna go and jump in front of a f*ckin’ runaway locomotive
Or get thrown up under it just tryna f*ck with the..

If you don’t want to get murdered by Eminem, don’t come attacking him. Eminem’s verse on “Speedom” collaboration ends here.

Tech N9ne comes in for one final verse before “Speedom” ends at 5 minutes and 9 seconds of spitfire rapping.

These are not the full lyrics of “Speedom”, rather the interesting areas I have picked out. For the full lyrics of “Speedom” visit Directlyrics.

So what do you think about this new track? There’s a lot to take in and a lot to look at. So if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions on the analysis of “Speedom”, make sure to leave a comment about it. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

If you want to add your own annotations, do comment them below and I will take them into consideration and alter my analysis as necessary.

4 thoughts on “Tech N9ne & Eminem Collaboration “Speedom” is Here (Meaning & Review)

  1. Allow me to help you out, since thinking for yourself is apparently too much for you to handle.

    When trying to decipher lyrics the number one question you have to ask yourself is, “Does this make sense?”
    Now, understandably, that often doesn’t help when it comes to rap, especially Eminem, but by and large it’s usually reliable. So, let’s start….

    “I dabble in lights…” Does that make sense? No, it doesn’t. Even if in some way it conceivably did, does it fit with the line that proceeds it? No. You know what does make sense? “I dabble in vics”

    “…I’m as thick as Dennis the Menace” Nope, wrong again. Was it that even supposed to mean? It means nothing, because it’s nonsense. Dennis the Menace is a notorious prankster and a quite seasoned one at that, known for his practical jokes. You might describe him as being slick. Oh, wait, maybe that’s line! “…I’m as slick as Dennis the Menace” Yeah, that’s the ticket. Using your brain works like a charm!

    “Dentist hygienist” ? Try Dental Hygienist and quit making things up.
    “Fuckin’ smart, I look degenerate” Smart aleck. Ever heard that phrase? Because that’s what he says! “Fuckin’ smart aleck, degenerate”

    “Head with a clitoris” It all comes back to the initial question, “Does this make sense?” No, it doesn’t. What the hell is a head with a clitoris meant to convey? Especially in the context of the lines surrounding it? Perhaps if you open you’ll ears you’ll hear he says “To hell with a clitoris”

    You’re welcome. Now change it.

  2. I really hope you just copy and pasted excerpts of Eminem’s verse that were transcribed by someone else who is genuinely mentally challenged, otherwise you may want to sit and reflect on how low you rank on the intelligence ladder.

    1. Yes, I did. I copied the verses from when it first came out. Now I see they have changed the lyrics to the correct ones. But trust me, I took these from and brain doesn’t affect in comprehending lyrics you hear.

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