taylor swift performs blank space at fans wedding after breakup

Watch Taylor Swift Perform “Blank Space” at a Fan’s Wedding

We’ve watched that scrawny looking, freckled girl from Nashville grow up to be one of the biggest and most successful musicians in the world. Taylor Swift is already in the record books for her musical success. But it’s gestures likes these that really speaks more about a person.

Just two days ago Taylor Swift posted this picture on her Instagram account.


At that time we did not know that Taylor Swift has made this couple’s wedding truly a one in a billion.

Taylor Swift showed up at Max and Kenya’s wedding and performed her hit single “Blank Space” while playing the keyboard. She was dressed to the occasion and her vocals were on point.

Apparently some friends of the couple had a connection to Taylor Swift and had invited her to the wedding. Now, don’t get any crazy ideas. Taylor Swift did not perform “Blank Space” to hint at her relationship after the breakup just last week. Apparently, the friends who invited Taylor to the wedding had requested her to play this song. Why? Well, there’s a even sadder story there.

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The groom’s mother had passed away recently and they had their last dance to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. Hence, that makes it so much more special for the groom on this very special day.

We have to give props to Taylor Swift for humbly accepting their request and playing “Blank Space” given that the song speaks about her relationships and considering the fragile state she is in. But she suck it up for this couple and played the song flawlessly.

Watch Taylor Swift perform “Blank Space” Live at Fan’s Wedding

These small (but very huge) acts of kindness and humbleness truly defines Taylor Swift as a human being. Thank You Taylor for making this couple’s wedding a memory in music history!

We hope Taylor Swift gets to play at her own wedding someday, and it will be magical.

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