earl sweatshirt solace tribute to his mother

Earl Sweatshirt Releases “Solace”-A 10 Minute Tribute to His Mother

Earl Sweatshirt is the newest big name in hip hop and rap. He even was called the new favorite rapper of Kendrick Lamar, and only a few can imagine how big of a compliment that is. Earl Sweatshirt’s latest album was all the hype a month ago. ‘I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside’ was very well received by the music community due to it’s raw nature. However, we have a brand new track from Sly Tendencies (another name Earl used before), and it is a tribute to his mother- Cheryl Harris.

Listen to “Solace” by Earl Sweatshirt

Releasing the video on YouTube, he captions “music from when i hit the bottom and found something.”

“Solace” speaks about Earl’s mother, his childhood, and the ups and downs of his life. The lyrics are beautifully crafted. He also addressed the hate his mother got when Odd Future and the gang criticized her in public.

“People was all in her emails, people were calling her and sh-t, it was at the height of the [Odd Future] sh-t,” he said. “N-​-​-​-​s was driving by the house slow. She was scared to go to work.” – Earl for Grantland

Anyhow all the drama lead to the creation of “Solace”, which is not exactly a surprise release, as he talked about the creation of it in an interview with NPR.

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