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Russ Premiers “Civil War” Music Video with a Lot of Booty

Russ’ brand new single and music video for “Civil War” is the type to make you forget what actually the lyrics of the song are about.

The 26-year-old New Jersey-based rapper released his latest single “Civil War” along with a music video. Russ explained that Drake and Rihanna’s collab “Work” music video was a major inspiration for this music video–the results show. He also shouted out to the ‘queen’ Rihanna in his Tweet.

Russ also celebrated in joy as “Civil War” music video hit 1 million views on YouTube within a day of release, and also being ranked at #3 on Spotify’s New Music Friday chart for streams.

Russ also sent out a Tweet tagging Rihanna that he would love to have her on the remix of this track.

Watch “Civil War” Music Video by Russ

Even the singer Russ was having mutual feelings with us when we explained that the music video contrasts in every possible way to the lyrics of the song;

My favorite part of civil war is the juxtaposition of the tumultuous/sad lyrics with the backdrop of feel good music…
it’s on some 😓😞😃😟🤨😥😁😭


Inspired by Rihanna’s “Work” music video, Russ also managed to act out a completely contrasting theme to the lyrics of the song in its music video. The entire music video is filled with shots of hot girls dancing at a house party. Some low-angle shots really focus on the booties of these gorgeous ladies in body-hugging clothes and skin meshes. And what was Russ singing about?

The lyrics, however, narrante an entirely sad story. The singer breaks down asking his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend to call him up and not text anymore, as text messages fuel wars. Talking things out is by far the best option to resolve conflicts.

Think “Civil War” by Russ should get a remix with Rihanna? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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