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Release Date of “Dark Sky Paradise” Album by Big Sean Revealed

Big Sean is back in the spotlight these days. He is dating Ariana Grande, and they are all over the news. Big Sean also featured on Eminem’s latest masterpiece “Detroit Vs Everybody”. What’s even better? Big Sean is releasing his third studio album in February 2015. Yes, this is official news. We are excited, are you? “Dark Sky Paradise” is the title of the new album and rumors are there are some pretty cool and big collaborations in the album as well.

Expected Featured Artists of “Dark Sky Paradise”

Big Sean released the album art on his Instagram account coupe of days ago. Check it out below.

Following this revelation, several other artists too shared the same picture on their Instagram accounts. This is a hint as to who will be featuring on “Dark Sky Paradise” album. Based on this premise the featuring artists are Drake, Jhene Aiko, TraviS Scott, PARTYNEXTDOOR, E-40, DJ Mustard, DJ Dahi, Vinylz and Dj Khaled-all pretty big names in the business if you ask me. Wait, there’s more. Besides the Instagram-regram group, Big Sean himself announced that Lil Wayne and Kanye West too will feature in the new album. Yes, things escalated to a whole new level now. i’m surprised though, that Big Sean and Ariana Grande doesn’t have a collaboration.

“Dark Sky Paradise” Album Release Date Revealed

In a recent promo video released by Big Sean on YouTube it was revealed that the new album will hit the streets on February 24, 2015.

This video looks pretty intense. It features bits and pieces from a music video from “Dark Sky Paradise”. Hopefully Big Sean will start releasing singles off the album in the few weeks leading to its release. Maybe this snippet of the music video is from an upcoming single, most likely a track named “Dark Sky Paradise”.

The new album is Big Sean’s third album attempt after 2013s “Hall of Fame” album. No pre-orders are available for the new album yet.

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