brooke candy paper or plastic music video explicit review

Brooke Candy Premiers “Paper or Plastic” Music Video with Explicit Scenery

Brooke Candy is a 26 year old American artist who has been climbing the charts on her own accord. “Paper Or Plastic” music video is definitely going to boost her up in the spotlight as she tries to convey a message through this track. The song is from her upcoming studio album ‘Daddy Issues’ out later this year.

“Paper Or Plastic” shows a society/household governed by a man-a patriarchal lifestyle. The women of the household are treated like second class citizens and they have just about had with it all.

The music video has some explicit footage of the women being nude (but very questionably censored), so watch it at your own risk.

Watch “Paper or Plastic” Music Video

Daddy Issues‘ album will be co-produced and co-written by Sia as well. So this will undoubtedly boos the career for Candy Brookes, if she needed any. Singles released off of the album are “Happy Days”, “Changes” and “Nasty.”

Bouncing back to “Paper or Plastic” music video, we believe it’s a different theme than to most of the songs and videos that are being released today and we love it for it’s uniqueness.

Candy Brookes id definitely on our watch list now. Hope you did enjoy the new music video too. Also, let us know what you think about the theme of this video and what your interpretation of it is.

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