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Watch The Chainsmokers & Halsey Perform “Closer” at 2016 VMAs

The Chainsmokers and Halsey own the biggest hit of August 2016 and they just took another major step at solidifying “Closer” single’s stay at top of the world. The two artists performed “Closer” at 2016 Video Music Awards (VMAs) a few night ago to a crowd that went ecstatic.

Closer” was released on July 29 and the track climbed the charts due to it’s uniqueness. The Chainsmokers does an amazing job with the music, and Andrew Taggart of the band delivers his first ever vocal performance in this track. He might not be the best of the vocalists, but he sure does make it work in this song. At the live performance at the VMAs, Andrew Taggart delivers a good vocal performance without any auto-tune. So kudos!

Halsey does an amazing vocal job in “Closer” single and does the same at the VMA performance. She wears a hot crop top and gets quite touchy and feely with Andrew Taggart on stage. After all, it’s a song about random hookups between exes.

Watch The Chainsmokers and Halsey Perform “Closer” at VMAs

This live performance is guaranteed to ensure that the single will stay atop of Billboard Hot 100 chart for a few more weeks. It’s closest rivalry is “Cold Water” by Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber.

The crowd naturally went wild with The Chainsmoker’s performance and it looked as if all of them sang along the entire song. No surprises there. “Closer” is quite catchy and entertaining.

What do you think about this live performance? Should we expect more vocals of Andrew Taggart? I think so.

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