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How Lady Gaga Owned 2019 Met Gala Red Carpet with a Strip Show

How long would it take to walk a 10m long red carpet? 30 seconds? Well, not Lady Gaga, who put on an entire show at the 2019 Met Gala event held last night in New York City.

The annual fundraiser event, Met Gala, also dubbed the ‘costume gala,’ is an event of grandeur attended by celebrities from all entertainment industries. The annual event announces a costume theme ahead of the event and this year’s theme was ‘Camp: Notes On Fashion.’ ‘Camp’ in fashion stands to mean “an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value.”

Needless to say, celebrities went all out for their dresses at 2019 Met Gala event, where the red carpet is kind of the biggest segment where each celebrity gets to show off their designs.

Cara Delevinge next to Cardi B at 2019 Met Gala Red Carpet (Image: celebmafia)

There were some truly bizarre and equally regal designs at this year’s event. But it would be justified to say that Lady Gaga took it to a whole next level by changing her outfits thrice during her red carpet walk. So, yes, it took her 2 minutes and 30 and more to make her walk on the red carpet.

The Kardashians with Kanye West and Travis Scott dashing the red carpet at Met Gala 2019 (Image:

So, Lady Gaga appeared in a dress of a pink and red mix colour. She even wore scarf on her head. The dress was so large that she had her own, dashingly dresses, male crew to carry it for her from behind. After parading on the red carpet for a while, she was assisted to take off her dress.

How Priyanka Chopra, Katy Perry and Jared Leto took “bizarre” to the next level at 2019 Met Gala (Image:

Inside the reddish dress, Lady Gaga was wearing a jet-black body-hugging dress. She got handed a black umbrella and she walked up and down for a while, posing for a thousand photographers.

The assistants come back to her and remove her black dress. Yes, she has another dress underneath. This one is hot pink. She does some routine with a brick-sized mobile phone in that dress. She looks to be pampering herself whilst talking on the phone.

Serena Williams at the 2019 Met Gala red carpet (Image: celebzz)

Lastly, of course, Gaga’s assistants help her undress out of her pink dress. This time she has no more dresses underneath. This time Lady Gaga strips down to her underwear. She had a glittery black bra and black panties. She seemed most ‘free’ and relax whilst in her undies, as she paraded around for photos and even posed in sultry poses.

Check out the full video of Lady Gaga at the 2019 Met Gala red carpet, changing outfits below.

Check out more HQ pictures of Lady Gaga below.

What do you think? Did Lady Gaga convey a message in her theatrical entrance? Let us hear your opinions in the comments below.

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