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Listen to a Snippet of Upcoming “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers Ft. Pheobe Ryan

It looks as if The Chainsmokers are on a roll here. They had a Billboard number one sensation “Closer” within the first few singles they released, they have yet another chart topping single “Don’t Let Me Down” which has gone multi-platinum in many countries and now we have the silhouettes of yet another chart topper on the horizon.

The Chainsmokers previewed a clip of their upcoming single “All We Know” featuring  the amazing vocalist Phoebe Ryan.

Single cover for
Single cover for “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers Ft. Phoebe Ryan

Listen to “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers

RIAA notified us to take down the 1 minute long snippet due to piracy concerns so we give you a 10 second snippet shared by Phoebe Ryan herself on Twitter. At least in this clip, you get to see the gorgeous Phoebe Ryan enjoying her song.

The snippet for “All We Know” takes a slow pace much like the band’s previous work and they have fused the EDM music perfectly into the slow beats. Maybe that’s their specialty and what makes their music so catchy.

These are lyrics we can catch up from the snippet so far.

…face each other
One bed different covers
We don’t care anymore
Two hearts still beating
On with different rhythms
Maybe we should let this go

“All We Know” is yet another solemn track dedicated for love or even heartbreak. “Two hearts still beating, on with different rhythms” that’s a perfect summation of a pre-breakup relationship.

The chorus of the track is catchy;

We’re falling apart, still we hold together
We’ve passed the end so we chase forever
Cause this is all we know
This feeling’s all we know
I ride my bike up to the world
Down the streets right through the city
I’ll go everywhere you go
From Chicago to the coast
You tell me, “Hit this and let’s go
Blow the smoke right through the window
Cause this is all we know”

We will do a full run down of the lyrics to the song as soon as the full song is available to us. The wait isn’t long, as the single is set to be released on September 30, 2016.

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“All We Know” gives yet another taste of what is to come of The Chainsmokers’ much awaited studio album. We have a tingling sensation that this album will head to the top of the charts as soon as it gets released.

Until the full song is available, keep playing the snippet on repeat.

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