Cardi B is Fully Nude in “Press” Music Video

Cardi B did not leave her stripping past to be left on the outskirts of the music industry and it shows in this brand new and all-baring music video for “Press.”

“Press” is the first single off of Cardi B’s upcoming second studio album. The song attempts to assert her dominance in the female rap game, which is an equal opinion shared by Nicki Minaj. In a new single “MEGATRON,” Nicki Minaj attempts to fight for her share of the game.

“Press” lyrics further goes on to say that Cardi B has reached a level of fame that she prefers not to have media or paparazzi following her. In the new music video, Cardi B attempts to fit in several narratives of her life into the storyline. The cover art for the song also featured a naked Cardi B surrounded by old-school paparazzi with cameras. Watch the music video below.

In the music video, directed by Jora Frantzis, we see Cardi B spreading her dominance in many aspects of her life in real. She managed to fit in a court case resembling the trial she faced in 2018 for a brawl at a night club.

The music video opens up with a “controversial” scene of a threesome seemingly gone wrong. At one point we see Cardi B pulling out a gun and the video blackens out for a gunshot sound.

“Press” video is also Cardi B’s most naked video so far. She strips down to absolutely no clothes in the video, however, the private parts have been digitally altered to be blurred out. The singer is backed up by a dozen of naked backup dancers as well.

Is this Cardi B’s most risque production yet? Or is there more to come from the self-titled new queen of rap? Let us know in the comments below.

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