taylor swift teases "style" music video

Taylor Swift Teases “Style” Music Video with 3 Short Sneak Peaks

Taylor Swift doesn’t pass on an opportunity to play with the Swifty fandom. She loves to tease. She teased the pants out of Swifties back when she released ‘1989’ album. Now she is teasing us with her upcoming Style music video.

Over the course of three days, Taylor Swift released VERY short videos of scenes from the upcoming “Style” music video. The sneak peek videos ranged from 3-4 seconds and showed three different shots from the music video. We have no clue as to how these scenes could even relate to the “Style” song meaning. Scott Borchetta, Taylor’s record label owner, Tweeted that this is going to be very different from the previous music videos we have seen of Taylor. The three released teaser videos are proof enough. Take a look at them below.

Taylor Swift Sneak Peek Clips of Upcoming Style Music Video




To us, these three snippets make no sense with the “Style” track. “Style” is such a vibrant song–it’s upbeat, happy and loud. The teaser clips don’t scream “Style” at all. But then again these snippets have no soundtrack. So don’t really know what could be the end result with the ‘Style’ track playing within these visuals.

One thing is quite obvious though. This is Taylor Swift like you have never seen before. This is yet another change, just like the Country to Pop transformation. So either you love it or you hate it. We bet our money on Swifities falling in love with it. But we did see some negative comments on her Instagram account where she released these clips first.

Style music video releases tomorrow, on February 13, 2015 and the word is, it will premier during GMA (Good Morning America). Wherever it premiers, the video will appear on our website ‘JustRandomThings’ as soon as it releases on online media. So stay tuned.

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