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Bebe Rexha Premiers “Pillow” Lyric Video from New Album ‘Expectations’

Bebe Rexha’s debut studio album ‘Expectations’ dropped on June 22, 2018, and it was long overdue. The 14-track album contains some amazing and brand new songs that will bring Rexha to the limelight. She also released several lyric videos for the songs from the album, the latest being “Pillow.”

“Pillow” talks about Bebe Rexha’s thoughts on relationships. The showbiz life can be a deal breaker most of the time. She realizes that what she imagined love to be on her pillows, aren’t exactly as easy as they appeared.

The song starts off with a solemn piano music with Bebe Rexha doing an amazing vocal job. Later on, several more instruments, including electronic synths get added to the soundtrack.

Watch the Lyric Video for “Pillow” by Bebe Rexha

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Verse 1 of “Pillow” is devoted to explaining how much Rexha is in love with this person. She just cannot keep her hands away from him. In a nutshell, she wants to be married to him.

Love is never easy. Bebe Rexha realized this the hard way. She used to imagine that love was what was on movies and TV screens. But now that she is grown up and facing the real life, she knows what she dreamt on her pre-adolescent pillows are not entirely true.

The second verse of “Pillow” signals that somethings are keeping these two away from each other. For Rexha, it is definitely her musical career. For the guy, maybe, work? Whichever it is, the thing that keeps them apart is what leads to their downfall as well.

“Pillow” is a much more laid back track than her previous single “Meant To Be” from the same album. However, her new album ‘Expectations’ is poised to be a hit.

What did you think about the song “Pillow”? Did you enjoy the melancholy of the breaking heart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Pillow” by Bebe Rexha


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