Taylor Swift earnings per second 2014

This is How Much Taylor Swift Earned Per Second in 2014!

Don’t let Taylor Swift‘s sweet charms and humble looks fool you. She is a millionaire! Simple as that. But unlike many other celebrities, she doesn’t cave in for money. Taylor Swift was named the most charitable celebrity of 2014. Her latest act of kindness includes sending a fan a check worth $1,989 to pay for her student loan!

Forbes mentions that Taylor Swift earned a cool $64 million in 2014, but only as of June 2014. For 6 months she earned $64 million. This includes earnings from her massively successful The Red Tour, which concluded in June, 2014. So the following stats (earnings per second of 2014) does not include the earnings from her biggest album yet, “1989”. After showing you the official stats published by skyrange.net we will try to include earnings from ‘1989’ album as well, and see if Taylor was able to move up the list.

Taylor Swift Earnings Per Second During 2014

Sit tight! The humble Country/POP star earned a cool $2.03 per second during 2014. If the number doesn’t hit you instantly, let me put it this way. By the time you finish reading this article, let’s say it takes 1 minute, Taylor Swift would have earned $121.8 from her career. Most of us don’t make that much for a day! But then again Taylor Swift is a global superstar with a fan base ready to die for her!

With ‘1989’ Sales?

During the course of two months and 4 days (from October 27, 2014 to 31 December, 2014) the POP album “1989” sold 3.66 million copies. How much earnings is that? We can’t decide for certain, since there were several versions of the album priced at different amounts. For Math’s sake we will assume everybody went and bought the Standard edition which costs around $12. That amounts to a staggering $43.92 million from sales off ‘1989’ in 2014. When combined Taylor Swift has roughly earned 108 million dollars in total for 2014. Per second? $3.59 earnings per second!!! (*rolling on the floor, weeping*)

Note: Above figures are just from the ‘1989’ album sales. She took part in a LOT of promotional campaigns (Eg. Diet Coke), countless musical performances and literally countless magazine cover shoots for all of which she gets paid handsomely.

How Does Taylor’s Earnings Compare with Other Musicians?

Taylor Swift is not the highest earner in this category.  Dr. Dre sold off his company ‘Beats’ to Apple and made a little (huge) fortune. That deal propelled him to be at the top of the ‘earnings per second’ list with $19.22 per second!

earnings per second Dr. Dre
This happened when I was reading the original source.! What is even life?

Beyonce is the second on the list with $3.66 earnings per second, followed by Justin Bieber ($2.54 per second) and then Taylor Swift. With our statistics Taylor Swift shall take the third spot on the list. Then comes Bruno Mars with $1.90 per second and Justin Timberlake with $1.81 per second.

These numbers are pretty intense! I’m officially having a breakdown and tell us how you feel. In my honest opinion though, they deserve it. They bring music into our lives, which is priceless.